We're expanding our webinar integration capabilities

Do you host virtual events on Zoom or GoTo? Are you fed up of having to transfer the registrations between your webinar software and CRM? Do you wish you could automatically sync the data between platforms? We're on hand to solve your problems!

Since the start of the pandemic, there has been a monumental shift in the way that professional services firms are hosting events. Rewind a year and most events were held in-person. Today, that has been flipped on its head and the vast majority are now virtual. This unexpected evolution has presented event organisers with a fresh set of challenges.

When it comes to contact data, your CRM is the single source of truth. For many event organisers, that means they've been tasked with transferring registration data from the webinar software into CRM. We understand your frustration... so much so that we've developed a solution!

With our upcoming Zoom and GoTo integrations, you will be able to collect webinar registrations using a Concep Send survey and we'll automatically sync the data into your CRM and webinar software. What's more, these integrations enable you to manage the entire event workflow in one place: from distributing the invitation, reminders and follow-ups to registering the attendees in your webinar software, Concep Send has all the tools you need.

Here's how it's configured in four simple steps:

Once your survey is set up and you've distributed it to your invitees, you can watch the registrations filter through into CRM and your webinar software. It really is as simple as that.

If you would like more information on how your firm can make the most of our upcoming webinar platform integrations, get in touch by submitting the form.