Drive Performance with time-saving reporting

Marketing success comes from investing in continual improvement. Knowing where you need to focus your energies means always having the right metrics to analyse. That’s why reporting is the lifeblood to improving marketing performance.

It takes time and effort to select the metrics that matter and to build a report. We’ve made it easy. We've  created a series of practical Reporting Bundles, delivered monthly, straight into your inbox that will:

  • Save you time and effort
  • Help you focus on the metrics in the areas you most need to improve
  • Give you quick and timely access to tools in a familiar format

Each bundle is designed to address a specific area of your email marketing performance. You can subscribe to as many bundles as you need - or request a custom bundle. We will send you the data you need most in a familiar format  to help you quickly access key insights - straight into your inbox every month. That way you can focus on what's important. 

Campaign Performance Reporting Bundle

These reports will provide you with key statistics about campaigns that are sent out, the high-level performance of the campaigns themselves, and the links you've included. This will be useful for stakeholders who want a broad view of how campaigns are performing and which content is resonating with the audience. This package can be used to create conversations around feature usage such as A/B testing, or the button effectiveness.

The Campaign Performance reporting bundle contains:

  •  Key Campaign Statistics Report
  •  High Performing Links Report

 Contact Engagement Reporting Bundle

These reports provide information around the most engaged companies you are sending communications to will tell you at a glance who your most  engaged contacts are:  The Contact Engagement Reporting Bundle includes:

  • High Company Engagement Report
  • Contact Activity Report

 Deliverability Reporting Bundle

These reports focus on your deliverability metrics and the contacts that couldn't be reached, either because the contact's bounce, or because the contact's security system isn't allowing contacts through. This report is designed to raise conversations around list cleaning, or implementing strategies that will encourage contacts to get their Concep IP addresses whitelisted. The Deliverability Reporting Bundle consists of:

  • Hard Bounces Report
  • Low Company Engagement Report

 Opt-Out Reporting Bundle

This is a bundle that shows individual contacts that have opted out of receiving communication from your firm.  It also contains an overview of the domains that have opted out the most. This is a useful flag and potential warning for contacts that aren’t engaged and who may be at risk of opting out altogether.

  • Contact Opt Out Report
  • Domain Opt Out Report

 Device & Template Performance Bundle

Know how your contacts prefer to consume your content?  The Device Activity and Engagement report will be sent out quarterly to give you data on how campaigns are performing on different devices and on different templates. It's a useful indication as to whether you need to change strategy or investment in a new template. The Device & Template Performance Bundle contains:

  • A Device Engagement Report
  • A Template Performance Report

Choose the bundles you would like from the form on the top right and we'll be in touch to arrange the details.