Maximise your Email Performance with reporting


The first half of 2020 saw the influence of email marketing surge within the legal and professional services sectors. more than ever before, it is critical to confidently report on the performance of your firm's e-marketing success.

does your firm have the resource to elevate your reporting to the next level?


It takes time and effort to select the metrics that matter and to build a report. We’ve made it easy by creating reporting kits for your firm, that will:

  • Save time and effort on extracting relevant data for the business
  • Deliver marketing insights to your or a contact owners inbox directly
  • Measure performance that advance your marketing efforts

These reporting kits are designed to address a specific area of your email marketing performance. We will send you the data you need most straight into your inbox every month. That way you can focus on what's important. 

 Deliverability Reporting Kit

During these times of increased sending we have identified that firms will be communicating to wider audiences at greater frequency. This brings challenges in how to stay on top of data quality and ensure you do not damage your sending reputation.

Through some simple common practice, we have designed these reports in order to ensure we surface and identify all contacts that are no longer relevant, where you may have challenges delivering and firms' domains that may be placing emails in quarantine or engaging lower than average.

The deliverability reporting kit consists of:

  • Hard Bounces Report with reasoning why the contact hard bounced
  • Soft Bounces Report with reasoning why the contact soft bounced
  • Device Engagement Report
  • Domain Activity Report - Which domains are you most and least engaged with?

 Data Hygiene Reporting Kit

Email list data decays at a rate of 22.5% per year! How often do you clean your marketing lists?

We have designed this reporting kit to help you maintain data hygiene even during times of increased sending volume. Constructed to identify areas to help maximise your firm's email performance such as implementing list cleaning strategies. Essentially reducing email wastage by sending only to relevant contacts in your database.

The data hygiene reporting kit contains:

  • Hard Bounces Report with reasoning why the contact hard bounced
  • Contact Opt-Out Report
  • Domain Opt-Out Report
  • Monthly Low Engagement Contact Report

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