About this event

This 20-minute webinar is aimed at marketing and BD professionals in legal or professional service firms who want to work smarter and more effectively with their CRM platform or who are looking to move to a CRM platform in the near future. 

Join Naomi Oforiokuma, Concep's specialist in legal technology on a webinar that explores how the professional services landscape is changing and what firms need to develop stronger B2B relationships that drive revenue. 

Download the webinar to find out:

  • The 3 vital components to get right before you will see ROI on your platform.

  • The problem with data and what to do about it.

  • The 7 steps to building relationship capability - and getting faster ROI from your CRM.

  • Be inspired by a case study of a professional service firm that has integrated with InterAction CRM and is seeing results.



Download the 20-minute webinar