Why Should We Blog?

If done well blogging is one of the best ways to:



  • Build credibility and trust



  • Demonstrate care



  • Add value



All of this leads to an enhanced brand equity.


So what elements of brand equity does blogging touch on?

Increased awareness, availability, associations, familiarity and preference


Blogs allow you to showcase what you specialise in and your educated opinions on recent developments, but more importantly they highlight issues you can help with and why clients and prospects should choose you.


The image and personality of your firm and its fee earners


People buy from people. Blogging allows you to open a dialogue with clients and prospects to show off just how great your people are. Showcase your employees by letting them give their view on the world. Let them tell success stories backing up their specialisations and the problems they have solved. Finally, let them do it in their own tone of voice and build their own brand!


What does this mean to business owners?


Forget the marketing terminology for a minute. What does blogging mean to business owners?



  • Improved website search engine optimization (SEO)



  • Increased website traffic



  • A more consistent and better qualified lead flow



  • Enhanced reputation



  • A growth in revenue



Blogging and SEO


SEO is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to your website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. When keywords relevant to your business are searched, you will want to appear as high as possible in this list to increase the likelihood of prospective clients landing on your website, engaging with your content and requesting your services.


What does this have to do with blogging?


Search engines strive to deliver the most relevant results possible to enhance their customer experience. As a result they seek websites with new, up-to-date content rather than websites that have not been updated for weeks, months or years! Blogs provide a perfect opportunity to regularly update a website and therefore improve its SEO performance.


Another way blogs can enhance SEO is by encouraging other websites to link to your website. By demonstrating your expertise and producing good quality content you will increase the likelihood of this happening which in turn will further boost your SEO rankings.