Why Choose an Event App?

As smart phone technology is becoming increasingly popular, the way we communicate and deliver content is being redefined. The rapidly growing expectation for mobile technology means event organizers and marketers are moving to a mobile mind set, reshaping the format of our events.


Every professional services firm plays host to several types of events, both internal and external. Whether it be a smaller meeting, a multi-day conference, a training program or a partner retreat, embracing mobile technology can help improve effectiveness and increase revenue.

One of the major challenges event organizers are faced with is the substantial amount of time and expense spent on providing printed material along with the difficulty in applying modifications to this material. These complexities can easily be addressed by using an event app. Changes to the schedule can be effortlessly implemented through the content management system keeping your attendees informed and up to date with all aspects of your event.


In addition to improving efficiencies and saving on printing costs, there are several benefits for everyone involved in the event including attendees, event organizers, speakers and exhibitors. Some of the key objectives at events are to connect, inform and engage with attendees. With a dedicated event app, you can push content straight into attendees’ pockets, promote networking and strengthen relationships. Since attendees always have their device within arm’s reach, you can communicate before during and after your event, extending its life and engagement opportunities.


Using an event app gives you easy access to real time analytics and feedback, allowing you to understand attendee’s interests and what they are receptive to thereby enabling you to improve subsequent events. In addition to this, exhibitors are able to view which attendees were most engaged creating lead generation opportunities.


So the answer to the question ‘why choose an event app’ is simple - because the world is going mobile and event apps are no longer a novelty. In fact, they play an essential role in the success of your event. Don’t fall behind.