What's Hot - Digital News Update 27 Jan 15

Recent digital news we enjoy! Including digital marketing trends, augmented reality and Super Bowl adverts you don't want to miss!






TRE Tech in Law Firm BD

Our partner Thomson Reuters Elite's Report on the growing role of technology in Law Firm Business Development

MarketingProfs Social Media Inforgraphic

MarketingProfs infographic on social data's influence on B2B










How much search traffic actually comes from Googling?


Facebook @ Work hopes to win over corporate critics









Social Media Trends - Data

Our partners Hootsuite asked 15 experts the Social Media and Digital Marketing Trends for 2015

Password Security

The worst passwords of 2014. Make sure you change them!










Microsoft Windows Holographic

Windows Holographic: the new augmented reality from Microsoft

Super Bowl Adverts

10 Super Bowl ads you won’t want to miss!









Starbucks Wireless Charging

Starbucks to launch wireless charging

Textblade Keyboard

TextBlade, the first MultiTouch keyboard









Elon Musk

Elon Musk wants to build an internet in space

BBC Taster

BBC Taster - new home for latest ideas in digital content & emerging technology