What's Hot - Digital News Update 20 Mar 15

Time to share the recent digital news we enjoy! Including new data laws, greater Twitter conversions and new selfie payment technology!






LinkedIn Lead Accelerator

LinkedIn Lead Accelerator,

the new B2B ad service

Click Through Rate Twitter

Increase your click through rate on Twitter









Social Media Compliance

Navigating social media compliance

15 mind blowing ROI facts

15 mind blowing stats about marketing ROI










Real time video streaming from Meerkat

Hierarchy Social Media

The hierarchy of needs for an engaged social media audience










Always like a girl

The new Always #LikeAGirl campaign

Snapchat Alibaba invests

Alibaba invests $200m in Snapchat









Tag Heuer Google Watch

Google is making a luxury smartwatch with Tag Hauer

HTC Valve Vive

Valve/HTC Vive opens up the virtual reality experience









Jack Ma Selfie Alibaba

Smile to pay - Alibaba's new selfie payment technology

Oreo Eclipse

#OreoEclipse, you can still dunk in the dark