Using Dynamic Content

Email marketing should be a pivotal piece of any marketing department and has proven to give one of the highest Return on Investments of any marketing outreach. Now that you are creating and sending your campaigns, how can you take your marketing strategies to the next level? How can you encourage your recipients to view their campaigns more? How can you encourage them to interact with the campaign further, increase the CTO and CTR rates and also drive traffic to the site you want your recipients to visit? Make sure that each recipient is seeing a campaign relevant to them. To do this, try using dynamic content.

Dynamic content put simply, is personalizing your email campaign for each and every recipient on a large scale. It’s a way to send one marketing communication while simultaneously giving all of your recipients uniquely tailored emails specific to them based on a certain criteria. There are a few ways to accomplish this, the simplest of which is to use mail merge tags.


Mail merges pull text into your email that is specific and unique to the person receiving the email campaign. The text entered for the recipient can be based on any criteria that is registered against that contact whether it is a relationship with someone at your company, their name, location or even interests. This can make them feel recognised and gives the appearance that you are reaching out to them specifically showing that you care enough to personalise your message to them. Doing this can often lead to higher open rates as well as an increase in the willingness of the recipient to read the content you are sending. Dynamic content takes mail merges and your marketing email to the next level. Instead of only pulling in a few unique words based on the recipient, whole segments can be changed depending on a wide variety of rules and variables. There are several scenarios where using dynamic content can be beneficial to you and your marketing department.


For instance, when sending an alert or newsletter campaign on behalf of a group of relationship owners, try using dynamic content as a way to uniquely sign off your message. Change who the email looks to be coming from by choosing a specific name, photo and signature block based on who from the business you would like the recipient to see.


Another setting in which dynamic content can prove useful is if you are hosting a regionally based set of seminars or workshops. Depending on where the recipient lives, dynamic content can be used to pull in the time, date and location of the seminar that the recipient should attend. A fantastic way to really engage the recipient, is to include an image of the building where the meeting will be held and a Google Map image that hyperlinks to the exact address. Follow that up with a unique calendar file for the recipient to save to their calendar and you are really starting to use dynamic content to its full potential.


Dynamic content is a fantastic way to make your recipients feel catered to while minimizing the work on your marketing team. When people receive marketing emails tailored to them, addressed to them, and specific to their interests, they are far more likely to be engaged in the content. Try using dynamic content in your next marketing campaign and see for yourself!