Top Benefits of Marketing Automation

Delivering relevant content to your contacts is crucial to your marketing strategy. With great content available on your website or blog, it's time to ensure your interested contacts are reading it.


Lead nurturing is not effective with blast campaigning as this approach becomes a guessing game, looking at metrics to see if it was relevant and then adjusting. Especially as it's so easy for prospects to opt out at the click of a button, delivering content that is not relevant can have a negative impact on your investment in time and money.


To turn your prospects into clients you must build trust and loyalty. Therefore as part of your communications strategy, marketers should allow recipients to decide what they want and when they want it.

To do this we recommend an automated approach. Integrate your email marketing platform with your content and when new content is published to your website or blog, it is automatically packaged into your branded email templates. The automated solution sends to the right contacts in a way and at a frequency of their choosing.


Here's our Top 4 Benefits to using marketing automation:

1. Empowered Audience

Clients and contacts can opt-in for communications and publications based on their own personal preferences including interest and frequency.

2. Analytics & Reporting

Understand how your key clients and contacts interact with your content with detailed campaign and recipient reporting.

3. Workflow Efficiency

Eliminate the need to manually build and send the same emails each day - saving you time and money and freeing up your marketing resource.

4. Automated Delivery

Branded emails with relevant content automatically generated and delivered to your audience based on synchronised subscription information.




Ensure that your content is always timely and relevant with automation, giving you peace of mind.