Top 10 Reasons For Mobilizing Business Development

I have decided to officially crown 2014 as the "Year Of The Enterprise App". This is because I believe that most of us have changed our content consumption habits not just as individual consumers but as business people. The majority of our time browsing and reading will soon surpass the desktop and be conducted on our mobile devices.

Most forward thinking organisations have already launched mobile-friendly websites and experimented with the odd custom app - "dipped their toes in the water" as we like to say. But the majority of these initiatives were not integrated into the overall marketing and business development strategy and were quite siloed, so the results have been questionable. In 2014 CMO's and CIO's will be given a mandate (and budget) to mobilize key functions of their respective organisations. At Concep we believe that business development should be at the top of the list!


Here are our top 10 reasons why your firm should mobilise marketing and business development activities for both employees and clients.

1. All Content Is Now Mobile Content

Professional firms have traditionally developed marketing and business development content for print collateral and most firms still do. Marketers took some time to adjust their practices and start to digitise content, but with the explosion of mobile content consumption firms are now scrambling to ensure their content is easily viewed in a mobile environment. Our most innovative clients are even completely overhauling their content formats, making content more friendly for tablet and mobile screen consumption.

2. Convergence Of Personal And Business Use

Your clients and external audiences are now engaged with both business and personal content on their mobile devices. Users are synchronising these devices and content consumption apps, regardless of whether they are company issued or personal. This means that overnight, someone who traditionally consumed your alerts and news via their desktop is now consuming content on their mobile device - but are you equipped with the strategy and technology to reach them?

3. Gain Sales Insight Like Never Before

Mobile devices are now delivering marketing intelligence that has not been made available before. Mobile event apps are now generating insight into how engaged your clients are your live events, plus juicy nuggets such as who they are networking with. Sales enablement apps show who of your workforce are engaged in business development activities, plus what BD content is proving most successful. So much more data will become available as mobile consumption and engagement grows, with mobile dashboards making this insight gained easily accessible and actionable to your salespeople and executives.

4. The Content Marketing Reality

High-quality content is now the most cost-effective and successful way to generate leads and cross sell products and services to clients. Marketers need to come to terms with the fact that we are now operating in an 'omni-channel' environment, where the content experience should be consistent across channels and devices. So the challenge is not only in creating compelling and relevant content, but ensuring it reach those that matter where they want to consume it.

5. Professionals And Executives Love Tablets

We are seeing unprecedented growth in the use of tablets, for both personal and business purposes. Tablets are now tools for productivity and senior business people are adopting these devices rapidly regardless of whether company issued or not.

6. Growth In Enterprise Apps

Innovative mobile software vendors are creating cutting edge business and productivity apps that professionals are adopting on mass scale, with most being used without IT even knowing about them. Forward thinking companies have realised this and are now building their own apps or signing enterprise-wide licenses for their employees to use pre-approved apps that are integrated with other internal systems and processes. The benefit for central marketing and business development teams is that they can control the collateral that professionals are using for sales and client meetings and get organized around opportunities and projects.

7. Bring Your Brand To Life

Traditionally brands were represented in printed collateral which was very one dimensional. Then digital brought depth and allowed a brand to be viewed across many channels and screens, but it still. Now mobilization empowers a brand to become more tangible - i.e. a brand can also be an app or a highly interactive HTML5 tool that provides the audience with a brand experience whilst 'in-app'. Marketing and business development related content can become very engaging when viewed on a mobile device. No longer is it just point, scroll and click like you would on a desktop, but now the viewer can swipe, touch and tap when navigating content. Mobile devices deliver a whole new content experience, empowering viewers to interact and actively using hand gestures to navigate.

8. Gamification

The next generation of mobile business development tools will have gamification embodied within them, making them fun and game-like to use for both clients and employees, driving deeper engagement and delivering a rich brand experience.

9. Perception Is Everything

Your clients are now expecting their service providers to be tech-enabled and thinking about the future, so it is important the your client facing executives are mobilised to convey this perception. Not only can a well executed mobile strategy and the right tools make your company look innovative, but they can also deliver practical efficiencies and maximise the effectiveness of communications.

10. Visualization

Now uninspiring and complex data can be simplified, branded and become powerful sales tools through visualisation and making the data easy to interpret and interact with. Price and ROI calculators, along with other CRM tools and widgets can both deliver the right information at the right time whilst driving commercial opportunities forward.


If you aren't considering your mobile strategy you will quickly see levels of client engagement with your communications drop and this will impact your revenues in the longer term. Mobile must be baked into your marketing strategy and if it isn't you need a new strategy. It is not a matter of if you adopt, but when! There is no time to waste, so act now and make 2014 the year of mobilizing business development.