The Shift Toward Empowerment Marketing

In the world of high-value services marketing we are experiencing a shift away from the traditional centralized model to one that is distributed and decentralized. Huge advances in marketing technology, in particular the proliferation of mobile apps and digital tools are now empowering client facing professionals and executives to become creators, curators and sharers of content. At Concep we call this Empowerment Marketing and believe it is the future of high-value B2B marketing. But what is it and how can it benefit your organization?

Empowerment Marketing

What Is Empowerment Marketing?

Empowerment marketing is content marketing for high-value sectors and is the future of high value relationship marketing and business development. Complementing an organization's CRM strategy, it involves all client-facing employees in the marketing process so they can build deeper relationships and trust over time, ultimately increasing revenue.


[caption id="attachment_1666" align="alignnone" width="634"]Empowerment Marketing Workflow Empowerment Marketing Workflow[/caption]

Control, Execute And Monitor Marketing Activities

Marketing, event and client-facing teams are empowered to control, execute and monitor the performance of their own marketing activities. Relationship owners and managers are empowered to connect directly with their clients and key contacts on a one-to-one basis, whilst automating lead nurturing activities throughout the long and complex sales cycle. Clients and prospects are equally empowered as they gain control of what communications they receive, when and through which channels.


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 One-to-one vs Automation

Empowerment marketing has originated from the premise that a personal one-to-one or one-to-few communication will deliver vastly improved results than one-to-many communications or automated marketing when selling high value, complex or reputation based services and products.

Content-centric Approach

Empowerment marketing is a content-centric approach where individuals within an organization are empowered to author and share content with one or many of their relationships via multiple online or offline channels. This is opposed to the common approach of campaign-centric marketing, where centralized marketing teams deploy campaigns on behalf of an organization, brand, division, team or individual.

Cross-functional Benefits For The Organization

There benefits of employing an empowerment marketing approach to your marketing communications do not just extend to marketing and client-facing and relationship professionals, but to operations, IT and other parts of your organization. It also benefits your end clients and contacts as they are empowered to determine what content is right for them and the desired channel and frequency.


[caption id="attachment_1690" align="alignnone" width="568"]The cross-functional benefits of empowerment marketing The cross-functional benefits of Empowerment Marketing[/caption]

Preparing For Empowerment

We believe that the ultimate goal of high value relationship marketing is to deliver personalized, relevant and timely content to any device and through any channel. Empowerment Marketing is designed to achieve this goal. Firms need to be willing to radically change their existing marketing model and infrastructure to adopt this approach. This requires an open attitude to change and innovation from senior leadership. Marketers will need to fight hard and take some risks to drive their organization in this direction, but the long term rewards for those that adopt empowerment marketing early will make the risk justified.