The Rise of Mobile Internet Usage

Mobile internet usage is on the rise. Smart phone sales are on the rise. More and more of the technocratic and technocentric ‘Millennial’ generation is entering the labour market yet still senior decision makers and budget holders are rebuffing desperate pleas to update and mobilise.

Every marketer knows about the evolution of mobile. It is apparent and abundant in the B2C sectors – mCommerce through apps, games, responsive websites, responsive and/or fluid emails, SMS deals, NFC targeted notifications – yet mobile is still meeting stiff resistance from the incumbent B2B sector.

US Mobile Internet Stats:

So here are a few positive argument points for you to utilise when proposing a mobile shift in your marketing mix:


-          88% of all Americans own a mobile phone of some type


-          55% of Americans said they used a mobile device to access the internet in 2012


-          31%  (of the 55%) said that their mobile device was their primary access tool – that is 17% of all adult mobile owners who are “mobile-mostly internet users”


(Courtesy of:


The above statistics are relevant for both B2C and B2B because Guess What? Your staff, your clients everybody in fact is a consumer.


A recent Gartner survey of 2,000 chief information officers (CIOs) worldwide had 70% putting mobile top of the list ahead of other trends such as big data, social media and cloud computing as the technology that will disrupt established business models most for the next 10 years. (Courtesy of:




The real questions are how your company will best utilise mobile to increase revenue, reduce expenditure and so make the entire organisation more profitable. We have already seen sales enablement tools, mobile CRMs, company apps, mobile optimised websites and mobile content within B2B but what will you prioritise on the roadmap of this decade’s mobile disruption?