About the NSW Young Lawyers Golden Gavel Competition

Take a few brave young lawyers, add humorous topics, an appreciative audience and you have the annual Golden Gavel Competition. Established in 1993, this public speaking competition features legal topics and is open to all NSW Young Lawyer members (lawyers up to 36 years of age or five years post admission) and law students. It is a great opportunity for young or aspiring lawyers to showcase their advocacy skills in a popular and well received event.


  • Reduced paper materials by 50% by going mobile
  • 57% download rate
  • 132 tweets in 1.5hrs #NSWGavel2016
  • 159 photos uploaded with 849 views
  • 736 views of competitor bios
  • 100 opens on the NSW Young Lawyers web link
  • 1200+ views per sponsor ads

"I can’t believe we hadn’t used a digital app at our events before! Concep's mobile event app made voting for the People’s Choice Award much easier and selecting the winner really allowed attendees to feel part of the event! The interaction during the event, with guests tweeting and posting event pictures via the app, created a momentous buzz on social media which meant we trended on the day! The support from Concep staff in the build-up of the event to being there on the day gave us reassurance and confidence to deploy a new channel into our event mix. The output of reporting stats was invaluable and we look forward to using it for our other Young Lawyers events over the next year!”

Liesel von Molendorff, Head of NSW Young Lawyers and Graduates,
The Law Society of New South Wales


Mobile is the single biggest movement changing the nature of the corporate events environment. The need for immediate access to content, live updates, captivating attendee engagement opportunities, significant cost savings, and enhanced planning efficiencies is driving demand for mobile apps to occupy space in the dynamic events landscape.

With nearly 800 of Australia’s legal community in attendance for the annual breakfast event, Concep provided the Concep Attend event app for 2016. It was the first time the event had an app in use and Concep provided guidance and support throughout the lead up and live at the event.


  • Deliver a cohesive mobile event experience where attendees can access branded content, receive timely updates, and interact with their colleagues.
  • Build professional networks and nurture existing relationships by connecting attendees, competitors, sponsors, and participating law firms within the app.
  • Capture audience attention and create a positive community atmosphere.
  • Streamline the voting process for the People’s Choice award and automate the display of results in real-time.
  • Enhance the commercial standing of NSW Young Lawyers and this prestigious event in the Australian legal community.


Concep Attend was rolled out to NSW Young Lawyers and their guests for the Golden Gavel Competition held at the Westin, Sydney on Friday 20 May 2016. More than just a mobile app, Concep Attend created meaningful experiences by personalising the attendee journey and nurturing deep engagement throughout the event.

Available on Android, iOS and mobile web view, the app was downloaded by almost 500 users. With content at their fingertips, attendees were able to access competitor bios, connect directly with sponsors and receive important notifications through the app’s instant message and rolling activity feed modules.

NSW Young Lawyers were able to drive social engagement and stimulate event dialogue by empowering users to share their personal stories and participate in the app’s ‘Game Centre’. Points were awarded for tweeting, uploading photos to the image gallery and voting for their favourite competitor, with prizes awarded at the end of the event.

2016 was the first year that voting for the People’s Choice award had been captured through an event app. Voting instructions were communicated via the in-app messaging tools and were supplemented by digital displays throughout the venue and on guests’ table cards. Results were calculated and revealed in real-time, creating a sense of community, competition and suspense among attendees. This also eliminated the strain of manual vote collection and counting, which had been implemented in previous years.

The powerful analytics module allowed for rich post-event reporting where organisers were able to track feature usage, social media dialogue, and visits to the NSW Young Lawyers membership information page. Heavy traffic to sponsor banner ads and pages also helped demonstrate ROI for key stakeholders.