The Essential Checklist for B2B Email Marketing

With individuals receiving hundreds of emails every day, it is vital that you make every effort to ensure that your email does not end up in the bin or spam folder. We've generated a simple pre-flight checklist helps to ensure that your B2B email marketing campaigns do not fall victim to some of the cardinal sins of email marketing.

There are three key stages which can act as a checklist to follow to maximise your B2B email marketing; preparation, build and testing. Following these steps will help you avoid some of the fatal mistakes of email marketing and deliver a successful B2B email marketing campaign.


1. Build your campaign from a template – building from a template, as opposed to copying a poorly constructed campaign, makes sure your campaigns renders consistently across the most common email platforms.


2. Appropriate sender email address – Using the email address of the CEO or key contact will add credibility and recognisability, increasing the likelihood that the email will be opened. Avoid spaces in your from line as Hotmail no longer recognises from addresses containing spaces.


3. Subject line – Arguably the most important step or this phase. Spelling mistakes or an uninteresting subject line run the risk of your email being deleted without being read and reflects poorly on you as a business. For more information on how to create an engaging subject line, please read our other blog posts on this.


4. Appearance - Finding a good balance of rich content and relevant images will ensure that your campaign looks professional and engaging.


5. Multimedia elements in your campaign – It is best to place these elements on a secondary page as most email platforms mark these emails as spam or don’t support flash elements (for example, YouTube videos).


6. Utilising links - A good way to expand on your content is to provide links to external sources containing more in depth information. This can also provide links to your company’s social media websites, with options to share your campaign.


Testing your campaign is arguably the most important stage of creating your campaign. This is your final chance to make sure your email is free from errors which could damage your credibility with your clients.


7. Check content – Send a test campaign to yourself and some of your colleagues to check that it is appearing as it should. Be sure to check all links are working properly.


8. Mobile optimization - 49% of email is now opened on a mobile device*. Therefore if your campaign is not mobile optimized, you run the risk of your email being discarded and left unread.


9. Spam Checker - Use the spam checker to reveal any words that may be flagged up by a spam filter.


10. Spell Checker – It is crucial to check that spelling and grammar are both correct in your campaign. Spelling errors can appear unprofessional and reflect poorly on you as a company.


By using these three stages as a pre-flight checklist, you can ensure that your B2B marketing campaigns are professional, error free and beneficial to your clients.


* Marketing Sherpa - Email Marketing: 4 steps to optimize a mobile experience for better conversion - View Full Article