Best practices to efficiently manage your email sending volume.

Michael Settles, Senior Strategic Account Manager at Concep


This might sound strange coming from a marketing technology provider that specializes in email distribution, so please... allow me to explain:

It’s not that we think email is an ineffective outlet or that we think “email is dead”. In fact, quite the contrary. In a world where in-person interaction has been halted, email remains a fantastic way of communicating with your target audiences.  

What I really mean by “stop sending emails”, is stop sending pointless emails.  

Let’s presume you have a preference management system in place and your contacts can choose the type of content they receive. Their preferences are neatly stored in your CRM or email platform, and you’re in a position of power to deliver targeted email content.  

Since you’re legally required to, let’s safely assume you’re also recording those contacts who have opted out of receiving your emails. At Concep, we do that for you to ensure you’re always compliant with global data protection regulations. We also automatically store all the contacts who have hard bounced and prevent emails from being sent to these contacts. In combination, these two workflows help to organically clean your marketing lists over time.  

Okay, so... let us summarize what your company is doing so far to give your email campaigns the best chance of being a success:  

  1. You’re only sending relevant content to contacts who have specifically subscribed.  
  2. Contacts who have opted out are stored and you are no longer sending to them.  
  3. Contacts that have hard bounced are stored and suppressed.  

If you are doing all 3 of those things, that’s great but we've only scratched the surface. What about the other contacts – those that haven’t been marked as an undeliverable or an opt-out, yet are clearly not engaging with your content? What are you doing with your unengaged contacts?  

You have a contact who’s been sent 30 emails in the last six months - they’re yet to engage with one. Why are they still on your marketing list? Either they’re not interested in your content or you’re failing to hit their inbox. Your first step might be to reach out and ask the contact to add you as a safe sender, but that’s not always viable. What do you do next?  

Here’s my advice: stop emailing these contacts immediately.  

In my experience, most companies will leave unengaged contacts on their marketing lists. Why that is, I’m not always certain, but the perception of the time it takes to implement, execute and maintain a plan seems to be a huge blocker for many. If this is the case, I’m here to break down this perception and show you that we can put workflows in place that’ll do most of the legwork for you.  

On our side, we can provide automated reporting that identifies these contacts and we can filter them into groups in Concep Send when they hit a certain threshold too. It’s important to note that these actions happen in Concep Send and require some manual input. Instead, why not manage the data at source: in CRM; your single source of truth? Set a threshold hold in CRM so that when a contact is sent 30 emails and records 0 email activities consecutively, they are placed into a folder that suppresses the contacts in Concep Send. Using our List Sync tool, you can set this up in just a few minutes and automation will do the rest!  

Proactively dealing with your unengaged contacts will significantly reduce your email wastage, enabling you to be more efficient with your email volume. Additionally, you should notice an improvement in your deliverability and the metrics in your email reporting should spike too! The best thing? This all happens organically without you lifting a finger! All you’ve got to do is set the search criteria and the rest is hands-free. I know what you’re thinking: it almost sounds too good to be true!  

Still sceptical? Here’s 3 real-life examples from 3 of my clients who implemented this workflow at the beginning of Q3, 2020. Each firm sends a different number of emails every year:  

  • Firm 1 sends 5 million emails a year  
  • Firm 2 sends 1 million emails a year  
  • Firm 3 sends 250k emails a year  

Find out how they fared below!  

Firm 1: 

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 Firm 2: 

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 Firm 3: 

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All three have come on leaps and bounds in all aspects when it comes to their email marketing metrics. The tool that makes this possible? List Sync! This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to automation capabilities between your CRM and Concep Send.  

Hopefully, you can see how easy it is to improve your email marketing in all areas without having to lift a finger. List your e-marketing goals, let us know, and we’ll help you take proactive steps to eclipse them today. And if you don’t? Stop sending emails.