Socializing Email Marketing Campaigns

Social media marketing and email marketing are channels that should be entwined so as to use the best aspects of both channels to amplify your communications and achieve your objectives. Twitter, Linked In and Facebook all send oodles of emails in the form of notifications which enable recipients to easily return back to their social networks. With that in mind how can we, as email marketers, utilize the email and social relationship to aid us in our goals?

From my conversations, it appears that many marketing departments are still using social media and email as separate communication channels. The main benefit of digital is that it allows individuals to consume content at a time and through a medium convenient to them (not you) and by leveraging the strengths of real time social and large email databases your content will travel much further. Here are 3 quick thought to help you socialize your emails:



1. Connect or share?

Most email templates have social media icons that link directly to a company page. There is nothing wrong with this as you want to connect with as many people on as many networks as possible but the point of content is not to connect, it is to share.


Most email platforms, like Concep Send, have the ability to insert social icons for recipients to share content through their own media site. This is the crucial difference and the whole point of social networks – to share. Think about incorporating sharing icons for email campaigns which have content that you want the world to see. Alternatively start sharing your emails through social media (like a blog post) once they have been sent out to your recipients.



2. Sending social media email campaigns

Why not send weekly or monthly email campaigns summing up your social network activities? If you are a company with multiple social accounts there is all the more reason to aggregate content and send it out to a different recipient base. Not only will this draw attention from stakeholders about your online efforts but it also amplifies your activities and creates awareness that your brand communicates through different media. Furthermore, through click reporting you will be able to see which of your recipients are more socially minded and so help you to tailor future emails to them.



3. Email sign up forms on social networks

Last but not least is the humble email marketing sign-up form. Social networks are like any other web page, we can embed email sign up forms and share email sign up forms on them. Using social networks to promote newsletters, alerts or events is a great way to generate new emails contacts, integrate both channels to amplify your contact and to segment recipients into social marketing lists. In a recent survey I ran on Twitter 80% of responders from the B2B channel had a sign up form on their website but only 10% had a sign up form on Twitter and/or Linked In. This is a simple way to move ahead of your competition and adjust to the multichannel digital landscape which will be present for many years to come.

Final Thought:

3 simple ideas for you to start crafting a bridge between social and email objectives. If used correctly both social and email will help you to hit each others' goals. As email marketing, social marketing and digital marketing evolve businesses, brands and individuals will have to be comfortable with integrating their content through multiple channels.