Opt In - Would You Like A Single Or A Double?

We have recently updated the Concep Send platform to cater for both Single Opt In and Double Opt In scenarios. This provides our clients with the ability to determine which approach works best for them and their audiences and apply it accordingly. This overview may help you determine which 'opt'-ion is best for you.

Quality Over Quantity

As we see mobile and social invigorate email in 2014 rather than replace it, cutting through inbox noise will this year be vital for the successful email marketer. Google were compelled to take drastic action, with a tabbed redesign of the Gmail inbox after stating: “sometimes it feels like our inboxes are controlling us, rather than the other way around.”*


That email clients such as Gmail are taking steps to manage the inbox deluge is not a green light however, for the email marketer to lean towards quantity over quality. Clean, quality data lists remain the most consistent way to cut through inbox noise, and double opt ins can help you achieve this.

Would You Like a Single Or Double?

A double opt in or confirmed opt in (COI) is a method for gaining permission to email contacts where instead of just adding the email address to your lists, a verification email is sent to the contacts. The email address is confirmed when the owner clicks on the opt in link in the verification email.**


By contrast, a single opt in is a method for gaining permission to email contacts where the contact is not required to verify their email address. Simply, they register their email address once e.g. via a sign up form or survey.


Using the single opt in method, you will grow your data lists at a faster rate as it is a one-step process. You will not need to worry either about those email contacts who do not finish the double opt in method’s verification process. It is estimated that up to 20% of contacts fail to click on the opt in link in the verification email.


Losing these 20% however is actually a good thing – they were never that interested in your content anyway. Using the double opt in method, your data lists are of a higher quality since you are targeting and capturing the email contacts who really want to hear from you. Furthermore, as the owner of the email address has to verify it, your data lists will be free from fake or typoed email addresses leading to fewer bounces and spam complaints. You are also protected from competitors signing up to maliciously report your emails as spam since you have proof that they double opted in.

Double Reward

So for the year ahead if you resist the single opt in method’s short term gain and fight the fear of losing prospective contacts, with double opt in you will be rewarded with cleaner, higher quality data lists for improved delivery and response rates to really cut through the inbox noise.



*    Official Gmail Blog, 2013.

**  The double opt in functionality released in Concep Send v24 is for non-integrated sign-up forms or surveys.