Marketing technology firm Concep releases new version of its B2B communication platform for LexisNexis InterAction and outlines its vision for ongoing innovation.

B2B marketing technology experts Concep have announced the release of a new version of their integrated marketing platform for LexisNexis InterAction offering a newly enhanced suite of digital communication tools that includes email campaigns, online event registration, content automation and in-depth analytics reporting. The new version is not only more robust and precise; it provides a better user experience incorporating new functionality designed to make life simpler for InterAction users:

  • A newly designed web-tracking feature now gives InterAction users the direct ability to see which campaigns are generating website traffic and where those contacts are going, providing measurable impact and value.
  • New filter functionality allows users to drill down even further on data in InterAction leading to more precise reporting and new insights.
  • A new approach to contact identification creates another layer of validation ensuring data does not get linked to the wrong contact in the event that data is duplicated or due to human error.

Having worked closely with existing InterAction clients to refine and polish a prototype, Concep is also preparing a soft release of its new List Management’s capabilities including a range of new functionality that provides users with conveniently displayed information. Small changes introduced as a result of Concep’s user-oriented design approach will save InterAction users time and effort as well as give them more control over what they do.

And there is more to come. Concep is not just set on improving functionality and user experience. With a clear vision for innovation around InterAction, they are finalizing work on a prototype of a mobile-enabled tool that will improve the live event management experience. The new application will be available to InterAction clients before the end of the year. Further innovation is underway to provide effective, easy-to-use dashboards showing actionable data that will give firms deeper insights into their relationships and enable them to take quicker action to strengthen the relationships. 

Freddie Hustler, Global Director of Sales & Client Services says:

“We are very excited about the new integrated features our product team has developed for InterAction.  Concep has been a LexisNexis partner for nearly a decade and continues to find ways to integrate innovative digital marketing tools that help bring InterAction CRM data to life. As a firm with over 15 years’ experience developing and integrating digital tools for B2B relationship marketing in legal, financial and professional services firms, we really understand what is important to InterAction users and what they need the system to do for them. “

Mauricio Alves, Global Director of Product & Marketing says:

We are fortunate to have great relationships with some extremely knowledgeable InterAction clients and will continue to work with them to further enhance the user experience.  Our vision is to help them make smarter marketing and sales decisions by providing them with easy-to-use insights and next-best-action analytics.