Mobile Event Apps - The Top 10 Benefits

Enterprise-wide multi-event mobile apps are becoming fundamental to the planning, delivery and effectiveness of a successful corporate event. Unlike paper-based programs, a mobile event app will provide a secure, scalable and customizable platform that your traditional event hand-outs and web-based programs cannot compete with.


As smart phone technology continues to become more prevalent, mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular. The leading events teams are already looking to capitalize on the opportunities a mobile event app can present, and with event owners relentlessly looking for ways to improve return on investment, more and more brands are turning to mobile for the future.


So buckle your seat belts – here are the Top 10 reasons mobile event apps are essential components of any event:

1. One Brand - Multiple Events

Rather than developing a new app from scratch for every event, a single branded enterprise app can serve as a foundation for all company events. Enterprise apps that deliver valuable, relevant and engaging information that build upon past event attendance and build anticipation for future events will remain on an attendees’ device, becoming a trusted resource and communications channel for the user and brand.

2. Positive Impact on Planning

An event mobile app is an effective channel for the streamlined delivery of effective and engaging communications. By adopting a single mobile solution for every meeting or event year round, event mangers are able to focus on driving attendance and engagement, rather than wasting paper and ink.

3. Interaction and Engagement

An active and engaged audience translates in to higher quality meetings, better feedback and a stronger connection with your corporate brand. Clients are now interacting with their suppliers through their mobile devices, so events are a perfect place to drive mobile engagement.

4. Networking

Once downloaded, a mobile app allows attendees to leverage integrated networking and social media tools to build relationships and interact with one another before, during and after your event. As users expand their personal connections, the app becomes a tool they will use to stay connected all the time. Enterprise mobile apps provide users with specific access to key customer, partner and employee profile lists based on the key personnel attending the event, generating leads and meeting the right people has never been easier.

5. Event Lifespan

A branded mobile app facilitates networking and content sharing throughout the year and extends the event lifespan, enhancing client interaction and strengthening relationships between companies and their most important assets. The one app remaining on your clients' handsets drives engagement beyond just a single event.

6. Feedback

When used correctly, surveys help assure your event is a success by enabling you to gauge expectations and understand participant reaction during the event. In-app feedback polls empowers attendees with the ability to easily express their opinions and provide feedback about presentations in their own time.

7. Real Time Content

Corporate mobile apps can regularly deliver new and targeted updates in real-time, empowering event organizers with instant access to their entire delegation ensuring attendees are kept up to date with the latest information and resources available.

8. Controlling Content

Multi-event apps allow enterprises to centrally control content using an online Content Management System. Creating, updating and distributing content through the enterprise mobile channel empowers the event owner with the ability to control relevant, up-to-do date content within the app, without the risk of sharing confidential or private materials with the wrong connections.

9. Security

Unlike typical event collateral, mobile apps include authentication and security features that ensure users only access and receive the information they are authorized to by the event organizer. Permissions based on attendee credentials ensure they are only exposed to relevant up-to-date information.

10. Grow Partnerships with Sponsors

Enterprise mobile apps are a great way to create new revenue streams and sponsorship opportunities; in app sponsorship areas provide great exposure for your partners, whilst generating additional revenue that means the app literally pays for itself.


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Concep Attend - Mobile Event App


Blog post contributed by Jake Laversuch, Concep's resident mobile event app expert.