Meet Concep’s Head of Client Experience….

Alexandra Duncalf, Concep’s newly appointed Head of Client Experience (CX) is heading up Concep’s global strategy to create an exceptional client experience at every touch point with the business. Concep’s goal is to help our clients amplify the benefits of marketing technology. We’re on a mission to help clients save time, work smarter and create intelligence that positions them to succeed.

To provide a great client experience Alexandra believes we need to go beyond service and product.  The global team is working to better understand how our clients use marketing and communication technology, what they are trying to achieve and how we can make it as simple and successful as possible for them. She explains how Concep CX is the responsibility of everyone in the organisation – not just Client Support.

“It’s about finding how we can make it simple or 'do it better'  - creating value at every stage and process. If by doing that we can accomplish our mission and also become a preferred choice of partner – the one that clients are happy to refer – then it will be a win/win for all.”

A Swedish engineer, Alexandra’s background is in business process innovation. She began her career at Concep four years ago when she was first tasked with improving the implementation process.  Engineers traditionally have strong project-management skills – and Alexandra is no exception as she manages projects not just for Concep but also helping clients deliver their martech projects.

 Helping clients be less afraid of change

Since starting here in 2015, Alexandra has worked in and alongside a number of different roles at Concep. Recently, she has seen her focus shift from looking at our internal processes to reaching out externally and finding ways to provide a better client experience. She realised on speaking to clients that there was huge satisfaction and joy in helping them by understanding what they are trying to achieve and helping them get there. This is especially true in the legal and professional services sectors where we are seeing so much change right now.

“As an innovation engineer you are taught from early on never to be afraid of change. Having a change-embracing mindset is important not just regards to product change or new processes - but also people. I see an important part of my role- and that of the Concep CX team -  helping clients be less afraid of change.”

Alexandra believes that knowledge and education play a big role in client experience and has implemented a range of initiatives to support Concep’s CX strategy. Typically, marketing teams work in silos, and for many legal and professional services firms marketing is not a main focus. Alexandra believes that Concep’s deep experience gained over 16 years working with sector means we have so much to offer them:

“We can’t sit on our knowledge. We need to make sure that it adds value to clients. We have to get out there and be a useful resource to them. We can be the experts they need to innovate and progress. It’s about setting our clients up for success as they face changes in business models, technology and regulation.”

More positive interactions with clients

Alexandra wants to be able to reach as many clients via a number of channels and have more positive interactions with clients.  Her team has updated and added over 500 articles to Concep’s self-service knowledge base and added online training videos.  Free monthly webinars help to train clients on the basics of how use Concep’s platform and also provide specialist knowledge on topics that will help marketers work smarter.

One example is the recent webinar focusing on Concep’s drag and drop templates.  Too many marketers are still using static email templates that need to be recoded every time they want to make a change. This puts many marketers off from making what are often much needed tweaks to increase email engagement and determine what works best for their particular audience. The webinar on drag and drop templates helped to educate teams that were still tied to slow, expensive template design changes:

“What we are seeing is that more than ever Marketing needs to focus on what’s important. Static templates take valuable hours – and budget, away from the marketing team. We have made it an incredibly easy process to switch to drag and drop and made them aware of the benefits”

Alexandra is also editor of Concep’s monthly email “Knowledge from Concep”.  Like the webinar programme, the email content uses analytics to identify and respond to what clients are struggling with most and provides pathways and tips to help them work more efficiently. It’s a perfect vehicle for Alexandra’s love of dealing with new challenges as well as her love of learning.

Great advice: Dive in Deep

She has advice too for marketers and their teams that have invested in Concep technology or who are looking to step up the way they use the platform:

“Dive in Deep. Join our webinars and immerse yourself in all the resources available.  Once you have engaged with the initial process, trust the process. Take in everything available to you. Get past the first hurdle then come to us and we can take you to the next level.”

Alexandra is also excited about Concep’s next initiative: a peer-to-peer led community that recognises the level of expertise that our clients have in marketing effectively with our technology.

“There is a lot of knowledge throughout the sector.  There are marketers who are great examples of good practice who are leading the way and who could be an inspiration to the sector. The more we learn together and share, the bigger the impact we will have. We want to speak to clients on all channels, we want to engage with them where they are. But we also want them to engage with each other and share their experience to create a global community within the sector.”

 Happy clients start with happy teams

There is no doubt in Alexandra’s mind that to provide the best possible experience with Concep’s technology she needs the best possible team:

“It is very exciting to know that we have a global client experience team that is not only hugely responsive but consists of specialists in integration or in email for example. There is a whole team of expertise behind each and every client. We have so much potential to help take clients to the next level.”

Alexandra holds the firm belief that good client experience starts on the inside. If you have happy employees, it filters through to happy clients. Her definition of a “happy client” is one that can use the Concep system every day comfortably.

“Clients trust that we are there for them at an end of an email, providing them with a friendly human face should they need it. They also trust in our systems and the freedom that comes from knowing they have the tools and the support they need to achieve their goals.

 With the global Concep team focused on delivering an exceptional client experience, creating a knowledge community and helping firms embrace change, Concep becomes a compelling proposition.

If you are looking for a sector-specific platform to engage your audience supported by martech experts with deep sector experience get in touch with our team.

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