Making your Events last longer

Name badges, frantic printing and last minute down to the wire changes. These are all part of the job for an event planner. So with so much to do and prepare before and during the event, how much time do you spend on what to send attendees after your event? After all if inviting attendees is like planting seeds, you need to nurture potential leads via post event communications if you want them to thrive.

Events do not need to have a time limit. They do not need to end when the last person leaves the conference hall. With all the work that you put into pre event communications, you can benefit from similar amounts of contact after the event.


I’ve noted some useful points below to consider for your post event communications.



  • Plan! Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Do not just plan for the event itself but what happens before and after. Make a timeline so you know how and when you want to communicate. Having a plan to refer to minimises stress levels when you’re in the middle of executing an event.



  • Set up some polls. There are a number of ways you can approach it. You can send out polls during the event or after it. Both give you an opportunity to contact your attendees after the event. If you poll during the event, you can distribute the results in a communication afterwards. Alternatively, you can send out feedback forms to gather opinions on the event after it has happened.



  • First things first, remember your manners and say thank you! Make sure to send a thank you to all attendees for actually coming in the first place. These are the people who you want to come back for future events so make sure you make them feel appreciated.



  • Make it interesting. Include key facts from the day or follow up with a key paper or document which may have been discussed. The topics of the event do not lose importance as soon as the event is over. Prolong the dialogue by posing relevant questions after the event is finished.



  • Plug away. Promote other similar events or open up the pre-register if it’s a regular event. You want people to come to other events you are holding so use an event they do attend to promote others.



  • Be consistent. Plan these post event communications at the same time as the invites and reminders to ensure the branding and tone of your content is the same.



Look at events as an opportunity to raise questions and initiate discussion that can be continued long after the venue doors have closed. Increase the value of your events by continuing your communications after it’s finished.