Connect Data from Anywhere for a Unified View of a contact


Most professional services marketing teams rely on technology from multiple vendors to serve their clients. But often, these platforms are disconnected from one another; resulting in internal inefficiencies and damaged client experiences. List Sync enables marketers to build a single view of their contacts pulling data from all marketing channels, without manual intervention.


Introducing you to List Sync: a powerful tool engineered to hyper connect your CRM with your MarTech. By automatically refreshing your marketing list at regular intervals, List Sync ensures that the data we store is always as up-to-date as the information in your CRM.

This seamless sync gives marketers a 360-degree view of all their clients,  allowing for a better understanding of each individual contact. This in turn enables firms to engage in new ways with relevant messaging by connecting data into a single view.


  • List Sync uproots any outdated data and ensures your MarTech is working in harmony.
  • Utilise content automation to remain connected with your contacts without increasing your workload.
  • Automatically gather consent from any new contacts to ensure you’re always compliant with global data protection regulations.


  • Automatically synchronise your contact data between different channels without lifting a finger, allowing marketers to focus on more meaningful tasks.
  • Provide consistent, multi-channel marketing experiences with all data writing back to CRM.
  • Exclusively manage your marketing lists in CRM for a more unified data management approach.


Today’s clients expect consistent engaging experiences across every touchpoint. But behind the scenes, firms rely on a mishmash of disconnected systems to serve clients and run their organisations. This leads to a cascade of challenges, which create additional work for marketers and negatively impacts client experience.

When systems aren’t integrated, context about a client or prospect becomes dispersed and duplicated across multiple isolated systems. Marketers must then navigate, and often reauthenticate, between systems to complete basic tasks. List Sync is the process of reassembling that scattered context and connecting multiple systems to create cohesive, consistent, and engaging experiences for both marketers and key clients.

Here are some key areas where List Sync drives efficiency, and removes marketing headaches:

  • Compliance - Gather consent from your contacts to ensure you always comply with global data protection regulations.
  • Marketing Automation -Use data to personalize the client experience, and seamlessly develop nurturing and email workflows.
  • Lead nurturing - Nurture your leads by activating sophisticated campaign sequences based on a contact's activity.
  • Data hygiene - Reduce email wastage by sending only to relevant contacts in your database.
  • Contact re-engagement workflows - Reawaken inactive clients & prospects with a re-engagement workflows.
  • Automated onboarding - Drip-feed important information to new members of your team as part of their onboarding process.
  • Marketing ROI - Tie your results to specific marketing efforts and analyse success by channel.

List Sync unlocks a whole host of possibilities for Professional Services Marketers, by creating a single view of their contacts uniting data across all systems. 

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