Legal Marketing Trends 2015

What are the Legal marketing trends for 2015? Predictions this year include getting back to the basics; focus at the lawyer level on the personal brand and business development; remembering why you implemented technology in the first place (and then doing it better!) and more...

I joined up with fSquared Marketing this year to lend my expertise in email marketing for their Legal Marketing Trends 2015:



Email Marketing

Don’t look towards the future for trends. Look towards the past!

"2015 is going to be the year to simplify and take a step back. Law firm marketers needs to not look towards the future for trends, but look toward the past. What worked before? Well do it 10 times better in 2015!


Everyone is getting carried away with technology and forgetting about some of the basics and what is right in front of them. Technology should create efficiencies and make things easier – not harder.


By 2015 you would think that mobile would have ceased to be a trend but law firms are still missing the point that mobile is not a trend, it’s essential. Most firms are still not utilizing and understanding how mobile is used and adjusting their email strategy to fit. This includes mobile friendly emails and less content heavy emails to make it easier to consume content on the go.


Content Marketing will still be a common theme among many law firms, but the important thing to remember is not that content marketing is something that you need to do. It’s all about making your existing content work harder for you, pushing it into as many relevant channels as possible, beyond just the general social networks. High quality content should be invested in properly, as well as the right mix of distribution channels utilized; owned, earned and paid."




The Legal Marketing Trends 2015 covers not just email marketing, but predictions from well-known experts in law firm marketing in the following areas:



  • Client Relationship Management (CRM)



  • Succession Planning



  • Reputation Management



  • Client Development



  • Content Marketing



  • Legal Directories



  • Websites & Digital Strategy



  • Social Media



  • Media and Public Relations



  • Marketing Team Operations



Take your time to read through the full text from each, very much worth a read in preparation for 2015.


To read the full predictions visit fSquared Marketing.