Legal and professional services’ response to Concep’s Client Experience programme highlights benefits to clients.

June 2019

Less than a year after marketing technology firm Concep refocused its strategy on client experience (CX) the programme is delivering results. Concep is on a mission ‘to ensure professional service organisations save time, work smarter and create intelligence that positions them for success.’ Concep are achieving this by widening adoption, deepening knowledge of the platform and proactively supporting clients with data analytics and expertise.

Freddie Hustler, Global Client Services Director explains: “This is an unprecedented time for legal and professional service firms who are frequently at different stages of digital marketing maturity. For many of them there is a fair amount of uncertainty as they charter unknown waters, transform digitally and make new investments in marketing technology. 

The decision to implement a client-centric strategy to ensure we get the right solution for our clients - whether that’s integrating our marketing platform with CRM or ERM - was an easy one. "We are all about building trusted relationships and that is what lies at the heart of any good CX programme.”

To implement and drive a company-wide CX programme, Concep appointed from within; Alexandra Duncalf – an engineer with a background in business process innovation, is Concep’s new global Head of Client Experience. Her task was to work with the wider team and build a measurable programme that would enhance every client touchpoint with Concep’s technology and people. For Alexandra a successful CX programme relies on "knowing your customers, making it personal and showing passion and care at every step of the journey."

Concep’s CX programme brings together several initiatives that centre around providing knowledge and skills on using Concep’s technology faster and more effectively to more users and building a peer community. Since the programme started rolling out last July, results show Concep clients are actively engaging and benefiting.

In the last nine months, visits to Concep’s new self-service KnowledgeBase are up by 92%. An increasing number of firms are proactively putting their teams forward to receive advice and knowledge directly into their inbox on a monthly basis resulting in a 300% rise in uptake. The free monthly webinars which educate users on the ‘How To” essentials or that deep dive into a particular topic, have above-average attendance rates and have engaged over 900 users in nine months.

Alexandra comments on the impact this is having: “In the past the support team were inundated with requests to solve problems that were often created because the user wasn’t aware of how to use the system. Thanks to the programme, the support team can now provide a much more personalised service. We can now follow up with a call to check in with the client once the issue has been resolved and engage users even further with advice and solutions. The feedback from clients has been phenomenal and we’ve seen client satisfaction rates consistently come in higher than 95%. More importantly, clients are recognising the value we bring to their digital transformation projects and this is being reflected in longer contracts with Concep.

Dan Morgan, CEO concludes: “Our heritage truly is legal marketing.  Concep has become the go-to marketing technology solution of choice for legal and professional services firms. Our clients know - and trust- that we aim to support them every step of the way. And that is a fantastic foundation for growth.”