January - June 2015 (H1) Cross Industry Email Statistics Infographic

As we fly into the second half of the year, take a step back and see how engaged your email campaigns compare against our cross industry statistics for January to June 2015.


We bring you our industry benchmarks in the following areas:


- Accounting

- Finance

- Legal

- Property

- Recruitment

With their average list size per campaign shown below:


- Accounting: 586 recipients

- Finance: 1281 recipients

- Legal: 1102 recipients

- Property: 1416 recipients

- Recruitment: 309 recipients


To see further a breakdown of Q1 (January - March 2015) and Q2 (April - June 2015) we will be showcasing those email stats soon!


We'd be very interested to know how your own email statistics matched up, so do get in touch!




For your reference our cross industry email statistics CTR & CTO are clarified below:


- CTR is the Click to Recipient Rate

That is the number of unique clicks divided by the number of recipients that actually received the campaign (i.e. minus the bounces).


- CTO is the Click to Open Rate

Click to open rate is the number of recipients that actually clicked on the campaign divided by the unique number of views.


Therefore the CTO rate shows a greater engagement rate over just the View Rate!