How to use email to get the best out of your events

If you are holding an event, then you probably want to do everything you can to ensure that the invitees are approached in the best way possible. When you are busy organising the event itself, you want your invitation process to work as seamlessly and efficiently as possible. Using a strong email invitation plan can save you time and energy and keep you on top of your invitees.


The success of your event starts with turning the invitee list into actual attendees. You wouldn’t want an empty venue, so creating the right workflow through email will help you maximise your attendance through your invites and reminders. It will also give you the opportunity to follow up up after the event to let everyone know how it went.

Step One – The Initial Contact


The first stage of inviting guests is, well, inviting them. No one can attend an event without knowing that it’s happening, so getting the message out there is your first step to a successful event. You can start much earlier than your first invite by sending a Save the Date email, to generate interest in the fact that there’s an event coming. Then follow up to the same list with the full invite, including venue and timing details, and an RSVP form to collect responses.


Step Two – The Reminders


So you’ve sent out your first invite. You’ve had a number of recipients RSVP back that they’ll be attending the event. Great! Finished? Not yet. Average view rates for email campaigns sit at around 30% and the click to open rates are at around 11%, which means there are a large number of people that you can focus your efforts on with a follow up email. By sending out further reminder emails to those that didn’t view the initial invite, or maybe those that didn’t RSVP back, you will be able to reach more of your intended guests. With a few successive reminder emails, you can turn that 70% of the invite list that didn’t view the email into 70% that did.


Just because someone has registered that they will attend an event, doesn’t necessarily mean that they will, so it’s important not to ignore those that have already committed to attending. Help them out by giving them the option to save the date or adding an iCal link in a reminder email. Sending reminder emails to those that have confirmed their presence keeps the event fresh in their minds, and will go a long way to keep their interest in joining you for the event.


Step Three – The Follow Up


The event has happened, but why should it end when the last person leaves the venue? Email is the perfect place to follow up on an event to both the ones that could and the ones that couldn’t make it. For your attendees you could follow up with a feedback survey, and for those that couldn’t attend, why not send them a summary of the event and everything that they missed. Whether they made it or not, you can use the success of your event to contact that full invite list and let them know what other events you have coming. Use email to make your next event another success.