How To Mobilize Business Development With A Sales Enablement App

Empowering executives and global teams with powerful and practical technology is now on the agenda of most forward thinking firms. In Concep Folio, we have created a mobile business development tool that empowers any senior executive, partner or fee-earner to become a more effective salesperson for their organisation.  It does this by bringing traditionally stagnant, difficult to access and ‘made-for-print’ corporate collateral into digital life through an intuitive and easy to use mobile app on the iPad. But what are the benefits of this approach and how do you build the case for mobilization?

Mobilize Your Executives, Partners and Fee-earners

With mobilized sales and marketing content, executives easily gain a deeper understanding of their firms' full array of services and products, allowing them to eloquently convey  experience and benefits to internal and external audiences. Executives gain immediate access to proprietary corporate collateral that is up-to-date, on-brand and consistent – on the go to or in a meeting. Teams can rally around clients and opportunities so that everyone is ‘singing off the same hymn sheet’.


The executive, their team, and the firm are then positioned as 'in the know', innovative and can capture opportunities when they present themselves. Concep clients are starting to call it a ‘cross-selling tool’, but it is a marketing technology that sits firmly in the category of “sales enablement”.


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The Case For Mobilizing Business Development

What we know from Concep's client base of large, diversified professional and financial services firms is that many executives are consistently running from meeting to meeting, both with internal teams and external clients and stakeholders. Traditionally, these executives were expected to access firm-wide collateral somewhere on the corporate intranet from their desktop (usually a very frustrating task indeed), or they would simply use the same old PPT deck that they’ve had on their laptop for the past few years, and many still depend on carrying printed collateral around everywhere, even though the moment they are printed they are out of date and few will actually read it. These scenarios are soon to be a thing of the past.


The tablet is changing the game – it isn’t a matter of 'IF' you adopt a strategy to empower your teams with tablets, it is a matter of "WHEN". There are no longer any valid excuses for those in the C-Suite and senior executive positions (client facing or otherwise) not to be fully equipped with current, engaging and interactive information to assist  position their organization and convey its credentials – everyone can and should be a salesperson and advocate of their firm. With Concep Folio, consuming and sharing corporate collateral becomes a brand experience for both the executive and their audience.

Concep Folio Overview

Concep Folio is a highly secure enterprise wide app, which can be distributed through the Apple App Store or internally by the organisation. On top of an intuitive user experience that brings the firm’s corporate collateral to life, there are a number of great features and tools that can make an executive’s life easier.


- Meeting planning and minute taking tools to assist with team collaboration around meetings and opportunities;


- Search tools to quickly access content to assit in capturing opportunities whilst being discussed – a ‘hot search’'


- Ability to sync across all user's devices the latest collateral created by central communications teams – e.g. press releases, brochures, executive profiles, company policies, deal memos, rich media, the list is endless;


- Share Folios, or folders, with other members of your team to rally around a matter, opportunity or client.

Future Developments

Future developments include integration with firm wide Customer Relationship Management and Content Management Systems. Concep Folio has been built in a way where custom tools can also be incorporated for each client, depending on what is important to them. For Concep's global property clients, we are building tools such as square meter calculators so that they can give clear and succinct answers in face-to-face meetings. We have large law firms that desire to have  interactive timelines that bring the firm's history to life, plus competitive intelligence feeds to be better equipped with knowledge for their big pitches. We are also building a ROI calculator for a large global FMCG company that empowers their sales people around the world to show the costs benefits of their products over their competitors. Each client is going to want to have tools that work for the way they sell their products and differentiate from their peers.

Learn more about mobile sales enablement

To understand more about how mobile sales enable can empower your executive teams get in touch for a demo of Concep Folio.