How has email marketing survived?

I am pretty sure it was Clive Woodward who, when asked if his England rugby team were tired, simply replied “No, they are battle hardened.” So is email marketing tired or battle hardened?


Whilst other terminology may be more appropriate, it highlights a popular conversation around digital marketing circles that discusses the ongoing future of email marketing. Email has been declared by many digital marketing cognoscenti as “Dead”, yet here it is and in rude health, especially in the Financial and Professional Services clients that we work with.

So how can this be? Surely mobile marketing, social and other inbound strategies should have down graded email marketing’s relevance. I am not going to address the push vs pull conversation (as seen here) but rather explain why Concep believes that email marketing is simply battle hardened.




This is one of the most critical elements of any digital platform. Not many firms in our sectors can or want to centrally execute all of the messages they create.  Social, despite having a lot more enterprise options, is awash with regulatory concerns.  Firms are still trying to work out how mobile fits with their content strategies.


Email marketing on the other hand allows you to control brand, the message, access to different features, time of send and many other factors that allow email to be easy to decentralise and control.




Technically, integration is not a challenge for many digital platforms. However, really understanding the business benefits and subsequent workflows are not so simple. Email can seamlessly integrate with your CRM system and the benefits are well known and thought out. Email marketing platforms can also pull content from your CMS or blog site.


Concep understands the significant investments that have been made into the technology and processes that drive your firm. So, picking an email platform (or any digital platform) that connects with your existing systems is critical.


Reporting and Intelligence


Whilst ROI is hard to prove in many Professional Services firms, the detailed reporting metrics in email platforms are one of the key reasons for its enduring nature.  Every interaction can be tracked and reported against by individual or company and used accordingly. On top of this, one of the most exciting opportunities is the ability to understand who is not engaging – these could be key clients and action needs to be taken.


Email Marketing may not be considered the Emperor’s New Clothes but the above are just some of the reasons that email marketing can be so effective.  Every channel has their place in the marketing mix but like the successful England teams of the Woodward era, email is not tired but battle hardened!