Concep is part of Thomson Reuters Elite Partner Program, a network of experienced technology, services, and consulting organisations working closely with Elite to enhance service delivery to clients.  We  are  alliance partners with TRE Elite and seamlessly integrate our marketing technology with 3E Business Development.

Built on a Microsoft Dynamics platform, 3E Business Development is designed specifically to help law firms implement  a CRM solution coupled with enterprise relationship management (ERM) technology. It's enhanced with marketing automation, experience management tools, and company profiles powered by Thomson Reuters. By partnering with Concep, 3E users have access to online communication tools, multi-media email marketing, surveys, personalisation, content automation and GDPR compliant workflows. Concep's  easy-to-view dashboards that show marketing and sales teams who their most engaged contacts are and what works best. 

Holding Redlich is a full-service Australian law firm headquartered in Melbourne, with offices in Sydney and Brisbane. Founded in 1975, the firm has more than 190 fee earners.Led by Chief Marketing Officer Joel Lentin, the firm’s marketing and business development team had for many years been utilising a legacy customer relationship management (CRM) system that was developed in-house more than 11 years previously. The system, which spanned a number of different databases and spreadsheets to maintain contact and relationship information, had grown cumbersome and outdated, ill-suited to the needs of a commercial law firm operating in an increasingly competitive legal marketing landscape.

Having made the decision to modernise and upgrade, the firm selected 3E® BusinessDevelopment from Thomson Reuters Elite and has transformed its CRM capabilities.  An important factor in Holding Redlich’s success in embracing Business Development has been their simultaneous adoption of Concep Send.

They now have the  intuitive tools they need to build, execute, and monitor the performance of email campaigns targeting prospects and clients. The combination of Business Development and Concep allows for a smooth and reliable flow of data and marketing insight, plus smart workflows to improve efficiency across marketing, business development, and events.

Joel Lentin agrees: "Concep has been fantastic. It has integrated with Business Development very well and has definitely added clear value to our email campaigns and event invitations. We’re delighted we took the Elite recommendation to use it"

Read the full transformation story here in a Thomson Reuters Case Study in partnership with Concep.