Global firms make independent marketing more effective

A Concep Use Case Story

  • Global financial services firms including wealth management and real estate firms often rely on an external network of self-employed financial advisors or real estate brokers who are licensed to represent and advise on their offering to the end client.
  • The increased need for transparency around data and client communication means firms need to be in control centrally, at the same time as facilitating more impactful client marketing communication.
  • Independent advisors and brokers don’t always have the marketing knowledge or skills to create, manage and report on campaigns. They need a platform that is simple to deploy and use - and one that is easy to manage centrally.

The Challenge

Take large wealth management firms for example. Many operate through a network of external financial advisors who are licensed to take their different brands to the end client. Often, they will have a small central team to support the independent business in a number of important strategic areas such as technology, professional standards, advice, research and marketing.  

It becomes the central marketing team’s role to help these advisors communicate effectively with the end client.  These financial advisors tend to be self-employed or operate small businesses with up to five employees. They are often time-poor and lack the knowledge and skills to develop and manage marketing materials to support their activities. Some of them may rely on low cost email marketing tools to send out basic campaigns. This means central marketing has little or no control over the quality, branding or reporting of these campaigns. It’ both a compliance risk and makes it difficult to audit.

The firms also need to allow their independent advisors or brokers to upload client data and personalise their communications without having to create their own email campaigns.

The Solution

When firms with this requirement approach Concep they are looking for a digital communication platform that will centralise the management and control of their latest marketing campaigns. They also want to enable licenced advisors and brokers to tailor their communication to their local market and individual clients.  

Concep’s platform has been designed to suit the requirements of professional services firms, and in particular, regulated sectors like financial services and real estate. The system allows marketers to incorporate more digital content including video. Concep’s platform also integrates with the firm’s existing systems.  As an integrator technology that connects data from ERM, CRM, and other 3rdparty technologies, firms can surface intelligence and report on contact engagement more easily. This is particularly useful in regulated industries where the firm has to enable advisors to track and measure their on-going services to clients so these can be audited.  Concep deploys an entity ID so that every time an email communication is sent by an advisor to a client, it is flagged within the firm’s own CRM.  This saves firms huge amounts of time and effort. More importantly, from a compliance point of view, it is now easy to track what communication is being sent to clients and when.

Equipped with Concep’s platform, firms can manage campaigns centrally and automate the way content is distributed to clients by the advisors. For example, central marketing teams can publish a document and choose to have campaigns sent automatically on a specific date. Or they may want to set an expiry date so that users must either send or schedule the campaigns before they are automatically deleted. It's a way of ensuring that the content is both timely and always up-to-date.

Does it work?

Concep has helped wealth management and property firms to market their different offerings through their external network by sending clients relevant, targeted communications in a far more interactive and effective way. The platform  provides a centralised and managed way to provide a range of targeted communications that can be sent to clients without additional cost to the independent businesses.

It’s a solution that is well received by the advisors themselves. They can login and easily create their own account.  Encouraged by the ease-of-use and the positive impact, advisors are often inspired to further explore how digital solutions can help them provide a superior client experience. 

Central marketing teams are now in the unique position of being able to provide content and engagement tools to brokers and advisors around the world in a way that truly benefits their businesses - and the firms. They can provide content and branded material in a managed and organised way that is simple to use, and that can be put in front of clients effectively, without additional cost for the end user.

By integrating Concep’s platform with a firms’ CRM system, they have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that communication can now be reported on and available for audit. By tracking every communication with each client, firms can fully monitor and measure their on-going service. 

Inspiring the power of digital

The experiences helps independent advisors come to realise the power of relevant, targeted client communication. They become more demanding as users, wanting more flexibility and content from the system.  This opens up new opportunities for central marketing to implement branded templates, set up workflows and other automation tools designed to keep the end client engaged and informed in a timely, relevant way.

If you are looking to empower local teams whilst creating consistent brand and messaging, or communicate to clients through a a network of independent professionals, we can help. Contact us.