Dark Side of the Moon: What non-technical marketers in professional services need to know about data protection and cyber security

A Concep e-Book


It’s a brave new world for marketing in professional services.  Technology is transforming the way we work and smart firms are aligning their marketing and BD processes, systems and mindsets to innovate and grow.  But as technology gets smarter and more complex; so do the risks.  Marketing can no longer afford to work in isolation from their IT colleagues.  Closing the marketing/IT gap means taking time to understand what’s involved, speaking the same language and being accountable.

Concep’s new ebook invites non-technical marketers in professional services to ‘come over to the dark side of the moon’ and find out what happens when we say to our contacts: “We keep your data secure”. 

In this ebook we look at:

  • The 3 universal truths all marketers need to know
  • The definition of ‘secure’
  • What is at risk?
  • What can marketing do to help mitigate risk?
  • 8 ways your marketing technology partner keeps your clients’ data safe
  • How data flows and what keeps it secure?
  • The role marketing has in creating a culture that protects our clients’ data.

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