Do you know what your blocklisting vulnerability score is? Download our tool to find out!

Blocklisting and email deliverability remain hot topics in the Legal, Financial and Professional Services world. In the wake of the current pandemic, litmus reported nearly 15% of marketers said that their companies email addresses had been blocklisted at least once in the past 12 months.

Assessing the risks that your firm might face can be challenging at times. To help you get a better view of your current blocklisting vulnerability level, we have developed a free assessment tool designed to: 
  1. Provide you with an estimated score on how at risk your firm is to being blocklisted.
  2. Give you a holistic view of the factors that could put you at risk.
  3. Highlight some quick actions you can take to avoid being blocklisted in the future.

We know how crucial it is for marketers during this challenging period to communicate impactfully and to reach their recipient’s inbox. Yet, it remains a challenge for teams to ascertain their level of risk to blocklisting. Given the multitude of factors and the detrimental implications it could have on firms, we want to help give you the insights that matter most.

Fill out the form to download the tool. We hope you find it useful.