Crowe UK communicates with clients and client prospects on all matters of audit, tax and accountancy. They required a platform that would ensure:

  • More effective engagement from recipients
  • Analytics to help fine-tune campaign targeting and deliver to the right audience
  • A consistent brand delivered across 60 decentralised accounts
  • Easy-to-see campaign ROI in terms of engagement and planning next action

 Read how they achieved this by integrating LexisNexis InterAction and Concep's email marketing platform.


Client Background

Crowe UK - formerly Crowe Clark Whitehill - is an accountancy firm that provides audit, tax and advisory services. It is a part of Crowe Horwarth International (a Swiss Verein), ranked as the eighth largest association of professional services firms in the world.  It has over 200 independent accounting and advisory firms in more than 130 countries.

The Challenge

As a leading accountancy firm in the UK, Crowe has offices in London, Cheltenham, Kent, Manchester, the Midlands and Thames Valley. The firm is highly proactive in the way it communicates with clients and client prospects on all matters of audit, tax and accountancy. A key challenge has been to empower partners and their teams, in each of the six offices, in terms of the way they communicate and market themselves. 

This is supported by a national marketing team that oversees core client communication areas: email marketing; the CRM platform; the firm’s client care programme; and its ‘Proposal Hub’ which encompasses core areas of business development – such as templates and best practice procedures.

Since 2013, Crowe has utilised LexisNexis InterAction, a specialist law and professional service CRM solution to support its key client relationship and business development functions.  The accountancy firm had also adopted a marketing automation technology platform to support its InterAction CRM solution.  However, by 2015, the firm felt it was the right time to review its B2B relationship marketing solution.  A key member of the firm’s marketing team is Harry Lau, Head of Client Insight.

“Having worked within professional services for 15 years and used CRM solutions for over 18 years, I have had first-hand experience of a number of professional sector IT solutions.  I felt that there were certain aspects our previous system was not providing us in terms of how we utilised and automated our email marketing infrastructure,” states Harry Lau.

The Solution

A key requirement for the centralised marketing technology team is to instil and embed best practice into all facets of its email marketing and communications processes and campaigns.   The firm has five strategic core sectors and six regional offices.  This complex structure meant creating numerous accounts so that each regional practice area could effectively market itself to its specific target audience and nationally.

Each account has a core set of templates that ensure brand consistency and uniform standards of communication.  This is particularly important as Crowe  seeks to position itself in the marketplace.  The central marketing team also provided training and guidance for staff on important marketing issues – such as consistency of language, and tone of voice.

In 2015, Crowe chose B2B marketing technology specialists Concep to deliver an effective centralised email and client communication platform that integrates with its InterAction CRM system.  Concep’s advanced functionality enables the firm to effectively track and monitor clients and prospects; and analyse how they engage with its marketing campaigns. It means email processes are now automated – from alerts, to newsletters and events. It also means the central marketing team can see which campaigns are working. In turn, the results can be showcased back to the relevant partners with a defined ROI.

Concep provides an invaluable additional functionality to the firm’s InterAction CRM system.  “The CRM system identifies which audience are most relevant for our marketing activities. However, Concep enables us to see how engaged and responsive our recipients are. Better reporting is something that is particularly important - to see how a campaign is running; and have a breakdown of the type of engagement. We want to be able to see ‘the journey’ of a recipient,” says Harry Lau

A key part of the success for each email campaign is the ‘Post Analysis Report’.   “This part of the Concep system is very handy as it provides a quick snapshot of the different core areas.  Visual graphs are part of the executive summary.  Our colleagues within marketing run these off to share with the respective teams and parties to demonstrate the levels of engagement,” he adds.

Concep’s technical support team has been highly proactive in supporting Crowe. The B2B technology specialists have helped to solve some email marketing technology issues. For instance, the firm sent out external campaigns, on behalf of named partners, using alias email address domains.  However, many recipients subsequently saved this alias thinking it was the firm’s correct domain name.  Concep helped to quickly solve this problem by using no reply domains for future campaigns.

The Results

Crowe UK is getting more effective engagement from its recipients and it is now targeting the right audiences thanks to Concep. 

  • Brand management:  The central marketing team now controls its brand far more consistently - even though there are 60 different accounts currently running on the platform (each of these accounts is for a particular sector and geographic region).   The use of training; guidelines and templates mean the firm’s brand and message is communicated effectively even though marketing is decentralised.
  • Seamless Communication:   As part of a regional hub with six offices around the UK, it is important that the firm has seamless communication processes.  Concep’s advanced marketing technology has ensured a uniform, consistent approach across the business.
  • Decentralised marketing:   Concep’s flexibility means that the firm can creates a specific campaign for a particular account.  If a colleague works in a particular area or at a specific office, then a relevant, targeted email campaign can be quickly created and issued.
  • Better Targeting:  The firm can now quickly analyse recipient engagement to a particular campaign. The results can be quickly fed back into future marketing activities to ensure the right people get the right messages in the right way.
  • Planning / ROI:  The ability to see the success of a particular campaign, in terms of engagement, is an invaluable tool for the marketing team.  This means they can put a particular ROI figure to specific email campaigns.  This can be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of campaigns most relevant to particular partners and practice areas.

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