Email Marketing - Print-friendly vs Plain-text Versions

Here is a helpful guide to the ins and outs of plain-text and print-friendly versions of your HTML email marketing campaigns.

Print-friendly Versions

What? Print friendly versions are exactly what they say they are; a simplified version of your email used when a recipient needs to print a copy of your beautiful work.


Why? Printing the original version via your email client doesn’t always give the desired results. For example, printers generally don’t print background colours, especially HTML background colours and the content of your email may not always fit nicely on a page. Offering a print friendly version will solve the above issues. Your recipients will not waste paper on printing large images, but the quality content you have created will be preserved.


How? All you need to do is create the print friendly as a web version and link it to your email. Alternatively, you could offer recipients a print friendly version by including a link to a downloadable PDF of the email. That way, recipients would be able to print a PDF that does not include the full colours and content.


Key points for creating your print friendly web version:


- Only include the main content of each page; the essentials. People won’t enjoy printing hundreds of pages.


- Don’t use huge images - you wouldn’t want to waste a lot of ink and paper printing them out. Save the trees!


- Remove hyperlink formatting – people can’t click the links so they are not necessary.


- Ensure you keep identifying information in the print friendly. Recipients want to know who the email’s from and how to contact you!


To find out how to create a print friendly page within Concep Send, please take a look at our Knowledgebase article. 


Plain-text Emails

What? Plain text emails are again, exactly what they say on the tin. You won’t find any colours, formatting or graphics – they are text only. When sending out a HTML email, it is advised to add a plain text version for multiple reasons.


Why? Firstly, some browsers, email clients and mobile devices aren’t sophisticated enough to display the HTML properly (e.g. mobile blackberry devices).  Secondly, SPAM filters are more likely to suspect an email of SPAM if it doesn’t include a plain text version. By including a plain text version you will ensure maximum deliverability to your recipients!


How? Some tips on creating an A+ plain text version:


- Include a brief overview at the top - let your recipient know what the email is all about.


- Take formatting into consideration – make it pretty; CAPS YOUR HEADINGS and make use of spacing and bullet points.


- Keep links to a minimum – it can look long and messy with full URLs, so try to shorten them ( is a great, free tool for this) or remove the less important ones.


- Keep the copy the same as your HTML version and SPAM filters will be your friend.


If you want to know more on adding a plain text email to your Concep Send campaign, check out our Knowledgebase article here.