Email Marketing - Does one size fit all?

There are many potential reasons that you are reading this article. Was it the compelling subject line? Could it be that we are a firm you are considering working with? Or perhaps you already are and happened to stumble on to our blog. Now cast your mind to all of the articles that weren't quite as lucky as this one. Would you have read these cast-offs if someone you knew and trusted had said “You have to read this and here is why?”


When nurturing client relationships over the long term, your most valuable resources are the people who deal with your clients day-to-day. So how can you harness the power of their personal relationships and client knowledge in your email marketing?

One common marketing objective is to connect and engage clients and prospects throughout the complex corporate sales cycle. Email marketing plays an important role throughout this process, but how completely relevant and targeted are your technical updates, newsletters and event invitations? The moment you provide identical information to two different firms is the moment you are not recognising the unique characteristics of the relationship those individuals hold with your firm.


That may not be an issue for certain scenarios where general information is all that is required. However, as the relationship develops showing a unique understanding through your marketing will support and enhance the concurrent face-to-face activities.


Any relationship owner in your professional services organisation – a lawyer, sales director, broker or consultant – develops strong relationships that can leverage their deep understanding of their client’s business problems and their industry. This information is critical to winning business and delivering results.


We believe that by adding this insight that only the relationship owner can possess will empower these figures to amplify your content and marketing. Imagine how powerful your email marketing becomes when it is completely individualised and not through any automation – through genuine and in depth knowledge.


Personalisation is one of the biggest themes in Concep’s plans. It drives our thinking both with our client interaction and product development. It may even relieve some burden from your team that are continuously building and editing content for all the channels that you communicate in.