ECards - Top 5 Benefits

ECards, the small bundles of happiness dropped into an inbox to light up someone’s day. Fun, animated and personalised, they have been replacing print holiday season cards in the B2B sector at a remarkably fast rate in recent years. Not only are they a brilliant way to celebrate the occasion and union between you and your clients but also the chance to showcase your brand and creativity. Quality design, memorable music and charming animation stand out in today’s busy inbox.


With the holiday season fast approaching we’ve derived our list of the top 5 benefits to using eCards to treat your clients.

1.     Personalisation

“It's not what you say, but how you make customers feel, that creates lasting relationships.”

 - Mark Kilens, Hubspot @markkilens

Ensuring a client knows that this message is just for them and no one else, that’s when it’s special. Personalisation makes clients feel loved and remembered, and within eCards it’s easy.


A tailored message, custom greetings and individual photos, B2B eCards have that personalised touch. This is where preferences and targeting comes into play. Using your database make sure you look at previous records to understand your clients and ensure your relevancy to their tastes.

2.     Cost effective

Sending traditional print cards can take time and money, not to mention the labour involved. Who wants days of envelope folding and stamp sticking?


ECards allow for a quicker and more cost effective route. One simple online process that takes next to no time ensures you can save a little more for the end of year party!


ECards provide a richer experience and ensure you’re keeping up with the modern medium of communication.

 3.     Speed

Whether you’ve got a couple of months or a panicked two days left before you must get your eCard out to clients, the speed of the electronic cousin’s turnaround is ideal for those who are time deprived (everyone).


Choose an image, personalise your message and with just one click of a button your heart-warming eCard has been sent!

4.     Measurable

With the wonders of the web, you can track your eCard interactions as soon as you’ve sent it. Rather than traditional print cards when you don’t know if the postman lost it or if the dog ate it, your eCard analytics are instant and live.


This invaluable benefit allows you to understand your clients further and see the effectiveness of your messages and campaign. Which client viewed the email, who clicked to play the eCard, which client interacted, all vital information for today’s marketer. Getting that personal thank you is the cherry on top for all professional services firms!

5.     Socially responsible

On to my favourite and final benefit of our post.


Everyone knows, save the trees! ‘10,000 trees are cut down annually in China to make holiday cards1' and so switching to eCards not only shows your company is embracing change and technical development but also is environmentally responsible.


ECards also allow you to showcase your ethical responsibility. Stand up and say ‘if you choose we send you eCards over print, we’ll give the difference to charity’.


ECards ensure your clients are aware of how seriously you take reducing your carbon footprint and your social responsibility, where can you go wrong!




So here are my top 5 benefits to using eCards over print. We’d love to know which benefit you think is the most important when deciding your communication channel this holiday season. And if you’re struggling for ideas, why not take a look at some of our eCards we’ve created below for your inspiration.




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1Source: Xinhua News Agency, iD2 Communications 'Facts about paper and paper waste'