We sat down with Davis Wright Tremaine

Davis Wright Tremaine is a top 150, full service law firm with offices in the United States and Shanghai. It employs approximately 500 lawyers across all its offices. We talked to Justin Shaw and Caryl Bauwens about their experiences with us.

Justin Shaw oversees all the firm’s external communications and blogs. He also helps with the website and social media. Caryl Bauwens runs the website and the Business Development Premier integration.


Since they started using Concep Send for Microsoft Dynamics, email open rates have increased by 10% and CTO rates have increased by 15%.


Justin Shaw, Email Marketing and Blog Specialist, Davis Wright Tremaine

What challenges were you facing that lead to you looking for a new solution?

There were a number of reasons that we were looking for a new email marketing system and a number of problems that we were looking to solve: We wanted a faster, easier to use and more cost-effective solution. The biggest problem we faced with our old system is that it did not sync with our CRM or any other databases, and so we had to rely on stand-alone systems and the manual work that comes with that. We were looking for something that could tie into our other systems so that all our information could be centralised. We wanted something that would cut down our manual labour and would work with the digital age!

Why did you choose Concep?

We also looked at different providers that integrated with Business Development Premier. We chose Concep after it was presented to us. The presentation really showed off the integration. We were impressed by how it was embedded into Business Development Premier, and found many of the features attractive, like the ability to edit images within an email. There are a number of features that we haven’t worked with yet but knowing that they are there and that we can use them in the future is extremely appealing.

Knowing that there was a great support team of the Helpdesk and a dedicated Account Manager gave us great peace of mind. We didn’t have this with our last system and were often left to try and figure things out on our own.

We also found the system to be extremely intuitive and it offered us a lot of options for customization.

How has the solution been implemented?

Our marketing team uses the full integration, whilst other teams in the firm access Send via the stand-alone version. It is flexible enough to be used in different ways depending on who is using it. They don’t have to worry about security or the backend processes around the email marketing system. Concep was very good at understanding our need to make it as easy as possible for users who aren’t in the marketing team to use the system for internal marketing and were able to adapt the system to suit our needs.

We use the Business Development Premier integration to send emails out to clients. The most common communications that we send out are alerts. We also use the system to send out internal announcements.

What are the benefits to the organisation?            

We have access to huge amounts of actionable data now. Regardless of who the email was sent by, we can see everything we need to know about the email results. We can click into a contact and see exactly what they’ve been sent and how they have interacted with the email campaign. All of this is accessible from within the CRM itself making it easy to use for anyone who is familiar with Microsoft Dynamics.

We can use the integration’s analytics capabilities to create reports that we give to the attorneys and partners and can easily see which topics are best received and who the most engaged recipients are. If we see that certain contacts are really interacting with a topic, we can suggest to the attorney that they might want to contact them directly about it.

Having Concep’s support team behind us brings us great peace of mind. We benefit from having a dedicated account manager who knows everything about our set up and is extremely quick to respond when we have queries. Being a law firm, we often have sudden and tight deadlines so this is extremely useful. We also benefit from her sector experience when it comes to email marketing. We can also use the Helpdesk who are always available to help us with any technical queries that we have.

The open rates and click through rates have increased since we started using the new system at the end of September 2015. We have seen a significant increase in both open and CTO rates. We can put this increase down to the fact that our communications are now mobile responsive and are designed in a far more engaging way.

How was your Experience working with Concep and Thomson Reuters Elite?

We have enjoyed working with Concep and Thomson Reuters Elite to implement the Send Business Development Premier integration. There has always been clear, frequent and effective communication between all parties helping us to overcome any obstacles and challenges.

We feel like we were heard. If we ever had any issues, we were always responded to. Even after the system was launched, the communication has continued and both Concep and Thomson Reuters Elite are always keen to help in any way possible and make sure that we are doing well with the integration. It’s extremely helpful for us.