Concep update on SSL3 Poodle bug

Many of our customers have been asking if we are affected by the SSL3 Poodle bug. A more detailed explanation of the vulnerability can be found here.

Concep like many other SaaS services use Transport Layer Security (TLS) as our main secure protocol but have always tried to provide backwards compatibility which meant we did allow SSL3.


Due to the known issues with SSL3 Poodle bug and security being of the upmost importance, recently we tested and released changes to our infrastructure and can now confirm we have disabled the ability to use SSL3 for all of our products. We are confident this will not affect your ability to access any of our products as you’re connecting to us via the TLS secure protocol. This was a non-intrusive change with no downtime.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the Helpdesk team or your Account Manager.