Concep is a Microsoft Partner!

Concep recently took the challenge of becoming a Microsoft Partner. We believe this partnership will benefit us and our clients in continuing to offer a market leading suite of marketing products for professional services.

So why become a Microsoft Partner?

Microsoft’s technology stack has been, and continues to be the top choice for IT teams in enterprise scale businesses.  Microsoft .Net framework also continues to be the development framework of choice for business applications.


Concep’s technology stack is aligned to this and over the years we have built a development team who are well versed in everything from Microsoft SQL server, to C# .Net framework all the way to the latest in front end technologies. Our Implementation teams run our products on Windows server technologies, and support our clients to deploy and utilise them.


In addition Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the fast growing CRM systems and we have seen wide adoption within the industry sectors that we work across and as a base technology in Professional Services solutions such as Aderant and Thompson Reuters Elite.


Becoming a Microsoft Partner was an important step in improving our ties with Microsoft and continuing to deliver our expertise and quality of services to our clients.


Furthermore, Concep will have early access to all of Microsoft’s new products, enabling us to tell you all about the benefits and help you make the right decision as to when to adopt them.



What we had to do?

The process was in fact plain sailing! Microsoft requires partners to demonstrate their competency. Here is the recipe for success:



  •  Buy the relevant book to help developers brush up on the more complicated details that they may not use everyday



  • Lock the relevant developer in a room with a freshly made jug of coffee and a dozen doughnuts for a day! Bathroom breaks are allowed.



  • Book the exam with Prometric who are accredited Microsoft exam providers.



and we are proud to say that all our developers passed first time with flying colours!


A number of customer references are required. Big thanks to those clients who provided references to Microsoft on the products we had delivered to them. You know who you are and thank you once again.


In addition an annual membership fee is payable. However as Microsoft Partnership delivers internal software use rights, the fee immediately repays itself. So this is one line item in your budget that your CFO will not scrutinise!



So what’s next?

Well, we now have various Microsoft Partner logos mounted in our development room, so that keeps developers happy! Ask any Development Manager, not an easy feat…


The Partnership has given us exclusive access to Microsoft product advisors and technical support which helps us design, develop and operate even higher quality software. Credit to Microsoft here for lending an ear to companies who emphasize quality and best practice when adopting the latest technologies.


Our access to Microsoft advisors further enables our implementation and account management teams to answer your questions on Microsoft related technologies. So whether you are in IT and want to ask any question about the functionality, security or performance of our offering, or whether you are in Marketing and would like to understand what Microsoft Dynamics CRM, bundled with Concep’s integration can do for you, get in touch…


Microsoft Partner Plaque