It's time for law firms to learn to 'race with the machine, not against it.’


Concep once again joined the legal technology community at Chilli IQ’s  14th Lawtech Summit in Noosa which took place 12-13 September 2019.

Andrew Jackson, General Manager of Concep’s Asia Pacific region attended the weekend event and was on hand to give an insight into how Concep’s marketing, automation and events platform helps legal marketers work smarter and faster.

Taking part in The Lawtech Summit gives Concep the chance to share and comment on latest developments and challenges the lawtech community are facing as a result of the rapid pace of change in the legal technology landscape.

A hot topic on the summit’s agenda this year was how to leverage data analytics for the modern law firm, its use in the business of law, and how to gain value from data.  The topic is a perfect fit for Concep as we enable firms to use their data to create actionable insights so they can drive more value for the business and understand the return on investment in marketing and technology.

Reporting back from Noosa, Andrew comments:

“It was a great few days as usual, with some interesting conversations. It was a real pleasure to have the chance to meet new faces from amongst our clients too.

Data was indeed the central topic of the conference, and mega-trends such as AI  and cyber security came up multiple times in conversation and in presentations. The overall sentiment was that law firms should be looking at the positive and finding opportunities, rather than seeing new technologies as threats. As one speaker neatly summed up, ‘law firms must learn to race with the machine, not against it.’ 

The speed of evolution and the need to embrace change were regular topics at the Summit.  Could it be that law firms are finally starting to understand the need for action over caution?  As mergers, buy-outs and even the dissolution of some firms, affect and reshape the legal market, there seems to now be a growing sense of urgency to move quickly or fail.

Concep also supported The Lawtech Summit with one of the tools in its marketing and events platform – a mobile app that attendees can download to their mobile phones to engage with the community and access the summit’s material.

“The event delegates know that Concep provides an event app,” says Andrew, however the app is only a small window into how Concep’s sector-specific automation solutions and workflows make end-to-end event management seamless and easy for legal event marketers. The platform’s capabilities also enable legal marketers to deliver nurture programmes or distribute content like thought-leadership in a timely way -  straight into a contacts’ inbox.

Taking part in The Lawtech Summit is always a great opportunity to network with technologists and understand their needs and concerns as well as discuss new areas for collaboration and innovation.”

If you didn’t meet up with Andrew at Noosa and don’t want to miss out.  Get in touch to arrange a call with one of our team.