Cole Schotz tell us about their experiences using Concep's content automation solution

Cole Schotz is a mid-size US based law firm with seven offices across six states. With the addition of Tammy Mangan as CMO, and a strategic reorganization of the marketing department, demand for marketing and business development support has increased. As a result, the department has engaged in a review of its marketing tools and technology as a way to realize time savings and keep up with demand.

Key Results

A Third of Cole Schotz’ email campaigns are now automated.

“We are very pleased with the addition of Concep Alert. It has allowed us to automate a third of our email campaigns and realise tremendous time savings - time that can now be used to increase content marketing and focus on other substantive projects.”

Tammy Mangan, Chief Marketing Officer, Cole Schotz P.C.

Could you highlight the challenges you were facing that made you look for a solution?

Cole Schotz has eight blogs covering a variety of practice areas and industries.  When I first joined the firm and reviewed the blogs, I identified several issues.  First, some of our blogs were fairly inactive. Second, when content was posted to a blog, a member of the marketing department would have to log into the Concep Send platform and manually create and send out an alert to a designated contact group. While we were using a template to send out campaigns, the manual process of laying out content posed the risk of small changes or mistakes being made during the creation of that campaign. This risk led to rigorous campaign proofing and further loss of time.

While it was great that we were pushing out content, we might spend upwards of 30 minutes distributing that piece of content via an email campaign. The more blogs we posted, the more time we were spending on distribution and we were essentially doing double the work.

Creating more content, as was needed, would have only put more strain on staff time.

 What does the Alert solution do?

Following a review of our digital strategy, our account manager recommended a solution: we could automate distribution of blog content using Concep Alert.

Now when we post content to one of our blogs, it is automatically sent to a designated list of contacts at a pre-determined hour of the day. We have eliminated the duplicate effort.

What are the benefits?

Concep Alert has helped us automate a third of our email campaigns and realize tremendous time savings — time that can now be used on more substantive projects.

The more efficient process also provided us with the time needed to move forward with one of our new content strategy goals – a Bankruptcy Thought Leadership initiative.  Cole Schotz has a nationally recognized bankruptcy practice so showcasing our knowledge and experience is important.  Alert helped us achieve our goal with minimal effort and stress.

Another benefit of the Alert system is the ability to present ourselves and our brand in a consistent manner. Every communication we send through Alert uses the same look and feel. The more regular publishing of content, paired with a consistent and polished look, has resulted in improved open and read rates.

Having an automated content marketing system in place has ensured we can expand our content marketing while worrying less about quality control.