How one US law firm has taken a fully permission-led approach to email marketing

  • Crowe & Dunlevy is an Oklahoma-based law firm renowned for their innovative and effective legal solutions for a diverse range of clients.
  • The US law firm has recently implemented a carefully thought-out consent-based approach aimed at enhancing the quality of their client communication.
  • Supported by Concep’s marketing technology, the firm is seeking to create more engaged relationships thanks to a well-defined database of contacts who have explicitly given their permission to receive email communications.


Crowe & Dunlevy has provided comprehensive legal services for more than a hundred years. Their clients range from individuals to Fortune 500 companies throughout the US and around the world. Founded in 1902, the legal firm has offices in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Dallas and offers counsel in 30 practice areas.

Highly ranked by U.S. News & World Report and Best Lawyers ®in the 2019 Best Law Firms rankings, Crowe & Dunlevy has received the most Metropolitan Tier 1 practice area rankings of any law firm in Oklahoma, for nine years running. They have also achieved the ’Highly Recommended’ ranking in the 2019 edition of Benchmark Litigation. *

But there is more to the firm’s marketing than accolades; when it comes to marketing, Crowe & Dunlevy follows high standards of legal ethics and guidelines, guided by the firm’s Ethics Marketing Committee.

Making the Shift

The law firm’s attorneys are the vital marketing conduit through which the firm can grow and prosper. The firm shares its attorneys’ knowledge and experience by sending advisory alerts to their contacts. These are individuals who have proactively signed up to receive advisories and event invitations. With an increase in awareness of sensitivity around data protection and new regulations concurrent with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations, the firm committed to an overhaul of its existing contacts via opt in. They adopted a rigorous process of gaining email permission from all their contacts with the knowledge that this had the potential to reduce the size of their lists substantially.

A Technology Solution

The marketing team at Crowe & Dunlevy uses Concep’s marketing technology to manage all their inbound and outbound communications. Concep’s solutions, with easy-to-use,  email templates and sign up forms, supports the law firm’s client advisories, which are mostly educational in nature, and its event management that includes legal seminars and invitations to client events.

Stephanie Turner, Marketing & Business Development Specialist at Crowe & Dunlevy explains: “We don’t have a centralised CRM at this point in time. Rather, we use Concep’s stand-alone system to manage different points of contact information and custom fields which are most relevant to different practice areas of the firm. It is a platform that enables us to reach people at their desks or on mobile devices to keep them up-to-date with industry news or new market insights.” 

She goes on to add that the decision to go down an opt-in marketing route meant first understanding how Concep could help them do that effectively. “We worked closely with the Concep team to make sure that we understood the platform’s functionality and capabilities so that client communication was set-up and sent out correctly. It was important to create a process that was not only as convenient as possible for individuals to complete, but also provided us the vital information we needed in a way that we could organize, analyze and digest.”

Engagement is an important focal point of the marketing role at Crowe & Dunlevy; they invested time in getting to understand the inner workings of the survey tool. This ensured they were asking clients the right questions and getting the right information back into the system.

What happened?

Taking a permission-led marketing approach meant potentially reducing the firm’s number of contacts on their mailing list. However, their opt-in campaigns have resulted in a more concentrated list of engaged individuals who have provided them with the consent they needed to continue a two-way communication.

The firm’s use of Concep’s marketing technology has helped keep it ‘ahead of the curve’ in terms of its compliance with the latest data protection laws. More importantly, it has helped them achieve their goal of ensuring their marketing is permission-based. The firm’s marketing team invested considerable time and energy in getting to understand the functionality of Concep’s automated email solution. For instance, the autofill function - where client contact data was already entered - helped to make the approval task faster and more efficient. Concep’s advanced functionality has enabled the mailing list clean-up campaign to be successful. 

What’s next?

Crowe & Dunlevy is looking at new ways to engage with clients using Concep marketing tech. For instance, the firm’s marketing team is exploring how to integrate QR codes with check-in capabilities to improve their event attendee experience. 

As a firm that places a high value on being able to inform and engage with clients and friends of the firm, it’s important to work with a tech partner who can help them achieve their goals.

*Crowe & Dunlevy has no input in the rating methodologies used by Best Law Firms or Benchmark Litigation publications.

If you are looking to create a consent-based communication program that respects your contacts’ data privacy, talk to us.