APPetite for events

Business Development has never been so in demand. In a time when differentiation is sought after, yet so hard to achieve, BD activities are seen as a key part of this puzzle.


Professionals are now involved in growth strategies encompassing relationship management, service models and pricing. However, traditional activities such as events are still seeing an increase in demand and importance. Leading law firms will always need to demonstrate their expertise in helping clients understand future challenges and avoid potential threats.


Events remain one of the most effective ways to do this as they put your brightest and best in front of potential clients and referrers.  From our experience with event email we know that law firms are highly proficient in this area. Automated processes ensure that invitations, reminders, confirmations and follow-up emails are all optimally scheduled.  Yet, we still see a dog-eared printed survey waiting underneath chairs at 5pm. Resolving this final impression is easy, with the use of dedicated event technology but there is so much more you can do with it.

Target Event Audience


Technology at events has to be seen as more than an opportunity to appear innovative, it must improve efficiency, the ability to inform future decisions and create more opportunities to connect people. A dedicated event app provides all three:

1. Improve Efficiencies

Event apps provide a very tangible increase in efficiency by reducing your reliance on printing for events, delivering instant cost savings. The ability to make instant edits to your event documentation and content ensures your event teams are not juggling print deadlines with other event tasks. Delegate packs will never again be out of date or inaccurate as amendments can be instantly distributed to all attendees. With the ability to easily create a brand approved event app in less than an hour, time is certainly not wasted.

2. Inform Future Decisions

Shaping the course and content of your future events and matching them to the needs of your clients and prospects is the holy grail of any professional event. Event apps lend huge support to success in this goal by providing actionable analytics, from quizzes and message boards as well as traditional feedback surveys and polls. With visibility over what content is viewed and which speakers and sessions have the most traffic in your app you can begin to build a picture of what is working and what might need to change in the future. By making use of Concep Attend’s additional features such as check-in functionality, you can tie together information on what sessions people expressed an interest in, versus the sessions that they actually checked into. This enables you to tailor future communications to those attendees based on their now proven interests.

3. Connecting People

Events are inherently social affairs and with event apps’ popular social functionality the combination is a powerful asset to any event programme. A major attraction of events is the opportunity to meet other like minded professionals. The provision of an easy to use messaging platform and interactive attendee list helps to increase attendee satisfaction and engagement. Concep Attend can go one step further by providing an unobtrusive meeting booking system which can be used by any attendee or member of your staff to arrange a time and place to meet during the course of the day.


With technology at the centre of so many every day tasks, it is easy to lose sight of the why. So here are some guiding principles for anyone looking to add a mobile engagement element to their events;



  • Who are you trying to connect to? Don’t start a mobile engagement strategy until you understand the preferences of your attendees.



  • Decide on your objective before you say, “we need an app”. Are you starting an internal program on culture and values, an event series to exchange ideas or to educate and inform?



  • How will this make your event different? Is this a hard copy cost saving exercise, ultimately how can this change the way you plan your event to drive the engagement you want.



  • Is the technology scalable and customisable? You must ensure it can benefit an internal employee event as much as it does an external event or partner conference.



Once you know your audience, objective and strategy, you can choose the mobile event app that will enhance your event program and provide another route to getting your people face to face.



* Article first published on page 17 and 18 of the PSMG Autumn Magazine for the PSMG 20th Annual Conference - Going for Growth?