Alumni Communications Alert: Gmail has changed its inbox again

Another Alumni post for you. Hopefully the Yahoo! update was useful and this time Google are changing the way mail is tracked in their inbox. Images are used for tracking in email marketing in order to determine the view metric and Gmail has decided to change the way that it displays images within its inbox. After an image is downloaded for the first time (a unique view) all images are stored on google servers and when emails are viewed again, the image is taken from those google servers rather than the email provider servers. This effectively blinds email platforms from recording repeat views as google has hijacked the tracking image.


What does this mean for professional services email marketers doing alumni communications?

1) Alumni and graduate emails sent to Google accounts will only register a unique view and no additional views

2) Images included in emails which are amended/changed after the email is sent (due to an error) will not display in google inboxes – the original image will remain

3) Device information will be based on unique views only as additional views will not register despite being accessed by different devices