9 ways professional services marketers can improve email performance

By Nicholas Chater, Concep

Email is one of the most powerful channels to connect and stay front-of-mind with the firm’s most valuable relationships. Professional services marketers need to find the time and the processes to get it really right.  The results will be worth the investment in time. 

Here are nine ways marketers can drive improvement:

#1 Look for opportunities to personalise an email campaign. Is there a relevant opportunity to insert the recipient’s name or organisation within the body and context of the email?  Are you signing off the email from the relationship holder?  Understand the data you hold on contacts and think about how you can introduce it dynamically into an email campaign.   You won’t know what works until you try.

#2 It takes 5 minutes to implement A/B testing to see which subject lines or Calls to Action (CTA) your contacts respond best to. Over time you’ll build up a picture of what triggers your specific audience into responding to your emails in their inbox.

#3 Review your distribution lists. Are you sending to contacts who will find your content relevant? If you are not sure what they want, ask them! Send them a survey to fill in or use Concep’s preference manager tool when they sign up to your content. Remember that preference-based marketing is likely to boost your email engagement.

#4 Improve email engagement by making sure your contacts actually want to receive your emails.  If you haven’t implemented a consent- process for new contacts that have come into your CRM since data protection regulation came into force, you need to revisit your processes. Concep’s compliance workflows will ensure you have consent to email your contacts regardless of how they came to be in your database.   Combine that with preference manager and you will be able to target contacts with the email content you know they want to receive. 

#5 Use reporting to check your contacts’ email scores. A low email score reflects a lack of email engagement. Consider what action you want to drive from your communication and the number of emails you have sent them. Does the score reflect the importance of their relationship with your firm? If not, what can you do differently?

#6 Use the button functionality within Concep’s drag and drop email template to highlight your Calls to Action rather than images. Images are never a good substitute for buttons as they won’t load automatically in the inbox. When using images, make sure you have a balanced text to image ratio, otherwise your email won’t render correctly across all devices.

#7 Remember to support all your Call to Action buttons with a written text link. Recipients sometimes need a nudge to find the link to click on. Always position your CTA in the top third of the email so the recipient does not have to scroll to find it.

#8 Keep your email copy crisp and to the point. If you have multiple pieces of content, include a content teaser or headline linking it to the full article on the website. That way you drive traffic to your website and more likely to engage the reader with additional content once they are there. If you are sending internal communications, a link to information hosted elsewhere, or to a video, will help you increase – and demonstrate engagement.

#9. Know your audience!  Use Concep’s benchmark for your sector as a guide but don’t forget that every firm is different: different content, different contacts.  The bottom line is you need to keep testing, observing and learning everything you can about your audience and how they respond. It’s about continually improving on your campaign’s “personal best”.


To download the 2019 email performance benchmark report, click here

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