8 ways your marketing tech partner can help keep your CONTACTS' data safe

Marketing leaders with a remit to purchase and use technology need to make sure their teams have the knowledge, process and mindset to keep contacts’ data safe and secure at all times. It’s time to get behind the data privacy promises! Marketing and IT should be working closely together right from the start of a martech project and be aligned on what is needed and why. 

When it comes to making a purchasing decision and choosing a marketing technology partner, martech buyers should quickly ascertain what processes and systems are in place to protect their contacts’ data. 

Here are 8 things your martech partner can do to keep your contacts’ data safe - all of which are standard practice at Concep:

#1 Adopt ‘Secure by Design’ standards

Just as you would expect an architect to design a house that doesn’t leak, technologists should build their systems “bottom up”, following standards to ensure you - the end user -will be able to comply easily with regulation.

#2 Implement a DPA Programme

All the employees who work for your marketing technology partner should have gone through a ”Data Protection Awareness” or DPA Programme which is monitored and updated by the business.

# 3 Be prepared to collaborate

If should you be subject to an audit, your martech partner should have all the processes and resources in place to collaborate with you fully.

#4 Provide documentation around their Data Protection Policy

This document – which can be stand-alone or part of a contract – should clearly lay out how data is managed with specific reference to anyone involved in the data management process including employees, contractors or third parties. Do they do due diligence?

# 5 Be clear and transparent about where your data is held

Your technology partner should provide you with a list of where your data is held and what the data flow looks like between locations.

# 6 Assure you future guidance around data removal

Once the data retention period is over, your marketing technology partner needs to provide you with formal guidance on how they can delete your data securely.

# 7 Working with accredited partners

To keep your data safe, your martech partner should only be working with third parties who have equivalent accreditation and sophisticated security compliance programmes they can demonstrate.

#8 Incident response plan

In the event of a major system outage or security incident, your marketing technology partner must have a response plan in place to keep you informed of the impact and status of the incident within an agreed timeframe.

Your marketing technology partner should be applying all of these methods to ensure you can use their technology without putting your contacts’ data at risk. To find out more about what marketing can do to speak the language of IT and develop the mindset that they too are accountable for data security: download our eBook: Dark side of the moon.