Ensuring your emails reach their intended destination

At Concep, deliverability is always at the top of our agenda but you can help too!  Professional and Financial Services marketing is driven by relationships, so your approach to email marketing must reflect this. This article provides some easy-to-follow tips to get your messages into the inbox.

How does Concep help?

Concep ensures that your messages are secure, signed and correctly formatted for optimum deliverability and we track and report all delivery metrics. We remove bounces and manage delivery over a number of mail servers, balancing load for secure delivery while working with the security vendors to maintain our highly regarded trusted status as an Email Marketing Solutions Provider.

Despite this,  there is still a chance that a marketing message could be blocked due to not following best practices or simply by the recipient of your marketing emails reporting your messages as Junk email.

What can you do?

As an email marketer you have a shared responsibility for the delivery of the messages you send. Whilst there is seemingly a regular regulatory shift on this subject, basic good practice still applies.  So, here are a few top tips to get you started:

#1 Personalisation is crucial and where possible try to avoid generic text such as Dear Sir (if your data is incomplete, use a fall back value) Personalisation reduces the chance that your messages will be immediately deleted or worse reported as junk. Greeting users by their first name and sending your email from a known contact, engages readers on a personal level.

#2  Permission to market. Do not send an email marketing message to anyone that hasn't explicitly requested it - if you have a list of leads, firstly send them a personal email invitation to join your email marketing list requesting that they opt in to receive marketing mail from you. If you have an old list or one you haven’t used recently, the best email marketing etiquette that you can employ is to ask for permission again. If you haven't contacted them within the last 6 months, chances are extremely high that they don’t remember signing up to your marketing service.

#3 Know where your data has come from. Sending email marketing to a rented list is against Concep policy. If you are purchasing a list, ensure that the data has been verified as opt in, is complete (no first or last name is not a good sign) and test the quality by sending to a small batch. These types of lists are loaded with known bad email addresses “spam traps” that are monitored by the security vendors, and accounts doing this will be disabled. 

#4 Allowlist your emails. All throughout your opt-in confirmation process, ask subscribers to add your email address to their contacts list or address book. This will "allowlist" your emails on an individual level, so they won't get accidentally blocked (or reported as junk) in the future.

#5 Take stock. Review and re-classify contacts that have not viewed your messages for up to 6 months, place them into groups to re-engage them with a welcome or re-sign up process. If they still don’t view your emails remove them from your lists – no matter how long your sales cycle is. This not only improves your metrics but also ensures you are delivering valuable content.

 A win-win for you and your clients

By taking a robust approach to permission-led marketing you will take significant steps forward in your email marketing, this is especially beneficial for those of you about to embark on a CRM journey where even more tools are available to help.

Concep takes deliverability very seriously and aims to drive best practice throughout your organisation. If you are concerned about the level of emails reaching their destination with your platform, talk to us.