5 Reasons Why Firms Need An Email Preference Centre

Preference-based marketing is nothing new yet it has had a slow uptake within the professional services markets. Whilst it is common for media companies and agencies to provide subscribers 'topic' choices or ‘areas of interest’, in order to deliver subscribers a more personalised content experience, major professional service firms have failed to notice the similarities between their content marketing operations and the operations of media companies.

Professional Services (through thought leadership articles, blogs, videos, and reports) are now, in fact, media companies generating hundreds of articles per week and contributing to the 14.3 Trillion webpages currently online - at time of writing - (@Gartner). With all this digital noise the old marketing view of pushing content out to people is no longer valid. Firms must listen to what each individual recipient wants and act accordingly or see their communication strategies hinder and hurt their high-value relationships.


So why should your firm use an email preference centre?

1. Empower contacts to keep you up-to-date with their details and current preferences

Empower your contacts to provide you with their details and the content that they want to receive. This enables you to accurately target your communications, reduces wastage and enables you to build better relationships through relevant content and heightened engagement.

2. Generate more specific content creation for the most popular areas of interest

By providing options for contacts to subscribe to, you are actually generating a quantitative representation of your content strategy.  From this measurement you can direct your resource accordingly to cater for the most popular and relative topics that contacts want to read.

3. Preference centres act as an acquisition and retention tool

New sign ups to the preference centre act as new leads within the sales pipeline. Furthermore, rather than having contacts leave your communication environment, they can update their preferences to better illustrate their current interests and so lengthen your opportunity for relationship building.

4. Generate data to aid cross sell opportunities

Contacts are usually ‘owned’ by one relationship owner who specialises within one service sector. By allowing contacts to select multiple content options they are indicating to your marketing team possible cross-sell opportunities and combinations.

5. Provides reporting information to aid top down marketing strategy

More contact points between your firm and its clients provides more information to be utilized. More information about client interests and content trends helps managers to understand the market opportunities that face them as well as the resource required to capitalise on these opportunities.

An email preference manager is no longer a nice to have; an email preference manager is a must in order for firms to generate and capitalise on real opportunities that could be created by their content. If you would like to find out more please contact us or check out our preference centre solution Concep Alert.