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Automate the delivery of relevant content to your clients and contacts based on their individual preferences.

With Concep Alert you can be sure your content will get results as your contacts are in control of how and when they receive communications that are most relevant to them.

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Automated delivery

Automate the delivery of relevant content to your contacts based on their own delivery preferences.


Workflow efficiency

Eliminate the need to manually build and send the same email communications each day - saving you time and money and freeing up marketing resource.


Empowered audience

Clients and contacts can opt in to communications and publications based on their own personal preferences including frequency and format.


Analytics & reporting

Understand how your key clients and contacts interact with your content thanks to detailed campaign and recipient reporting.

We've recently adopted Concep's Alert tool and the level of automation it has provided is invaluable. It allows us to free up internal resources, but most importantly it has made a huge improvement to the quality of messages we deliver to our clients. All analytics are utilised and the communications are more personalised than ever."

Sally Saadeh, Head of Marketing, DTZ

Top 5 reasons to use Concep Alert

  • Improve your marketing efficiency, freeing up resources
  • Gain valuable insight
  • Measure and understand your clients’ interests
  • Increase engagement and the impact of your content
  • Reduce inbox clutter for your clients and contacts

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